[3.10] Herald Reaver Witch All Content (not HC viable, promotes party play)

Build Summary

Fast pace "melee" build that deals crazy amounts of elemental damage while having elemental reflect immunity. Uses Vaal Reave as a main skill.

This build is not a cheap one but it will pay off very nicely.
Even budget version can be expensive.

P.S. This build promotes party play. People with no friends or social life (most of the POE players) will not be able to play it. :D

Build viability

Hardcore : Just no.

Softcore : All content ***

Build damage

Vaal Reave Tooltip dmg
Early budget version - 2-3m dps
Mid budget version - 4-5m dps
End budget version - 6-7m dps
Pre expensive build - 9m-14m (under all buffs)
Expensive build - Can't afford 3 passive node voices for that, they cost like 200ex each.

This shit can be optimised to the infinity and beyond.

*** You must have aurabot with you at all times, the better the aurabot the better you will do.

My pocketbot has all the possible auras, however this is the priority order.

Aura priority list :
#1 All Purity auras.
#2 Discipline
#3 Wrath/Anger
#4 Vaal Grace
#5 All remaining auras.

Game play Videos

Forge of Phoenix https://youtu.be/SvezN0rai7A
5 Delirium orbs, 4x Scarabs, Zana shrine mod
3 people party carried

T15 Sepulcher https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KbUVq3RFvQ
5 Delirium Orbs +4 Scarabs +Zana Shrine Mod +Vaal Winds +4 Sextants
T15 Burial Chamber https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pevybvwONEQ
5 Delirium Orbs + 4 Scarabs +Zana Beyond mod +4 Sextants
Elder https://youtu.be/1Y8YwCycydc
Shaper https://youtu.be/l4-Qu16_VO4
Shaper (killed with movement skill) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1v81c5mjQAY
Full Simulacrum https://youtu.be/13UnQNM231A
4 people party carried
Uber Atziri https://youtu.be/DlD_rhOSlDU

Sirus AW:8
2 deaths https://youtu.be/pVfZsYeFfsI
Deathless https://youtu.be/rOTZKh53xMQ
Uber Elder https://youtu.be/fzy8YrxiV1A

5 Token Legion Coming Soon

Pros and Cons

+Very fast map clear speed
+Crazy damage
+Freezing endgame bosses like Elder

-Cannot be played solo
-Dependant on auramancers skill to follow you
-You die instantly if you leave aura range


Get an auramancer and level in party. First priority is cluster sockets, next energy shield nodes.

Bandits - Kill All

Ascendancy Order
#1 Pendulum of Destruction
#2 Mastermind of Discord
#3 Paragon of Calamity
#4 Liege of Primordials

Major God - Soul of the Brine King
Minor God - Soul of Abberath

Passive skill tree

Attention ! POB doesn't enable cluster jewels, you need to enable them after importing this build.


Overcharge is not needed, however it is nice to have All charges maxed, if you decide to go for voices with 3x herald clusters per one unique jewel then it Overcharge could be specced out. Same with AoE nodes just above witch.

Gear Guide


Leveling Time


Get any one handed swords. Story of the Vaal swords are brilliant and will last till you hit maps.

While leveling you can use whatever skill you wish unless you level with aurabot.

Rest of the gear is whatever you can get on your way there.

Early Mapping/Budget Gear


Early items that you can would be Abyssus Helm, Radius enchant is not necessary but it helps, also helms with this enchant aren't expensive.

Two Dreamfeathers will do just fine until you can afford to buy Paradoxica for that sweet double damage.

It is vital to get one or two of Herald cluster jewels, you can find them in jewel section, those are imperative for this build to work, also you must have all 5 Heralds enabled.

Flask setup, fairly cheap for exception of The Sorrow of the Divine, but you need that because it will be the one item that keeps you alive.

The Wise Oak is the reason why you don't want any resistances on any item.

Rest of the slots you should fill with items that has Max Energy Shield, Max Energy Shield Multiplier and as much elemental damage to attacks and elemental damage to attack skills as possible. Do not go for items with physical damage to attacks as it's not the type of damage you will be scaling up.

Late Game Gear


Paradoxica, double damage.

Some extra chance to survive.
Shroud of the Lightless, all elemental penetration will be great addition, besides it's a cheap six link as you can simply buy Jewellers Touch 5link proph and get it instantly,

Oskarms are most importantly needed for a critical strike chance when combined with Precision and Grace Aura.
Corrupted Oskarm with Elemental Weakness on hit, as you are doing only elemental damage this helps you penetrate targets resistances. However, to utilise double curse you need to have Windscream Boots.

Jewellery, ES and ED with Attacks Skills as much as possible. Other stats to look for are Attack Speed, Crit Multi, Crit Chance. DO NOT GET ANY RESISTANCES. You should be capped by your auramancers purities.

Blade of Cunning anointment on your amulet for extra critical strike chance and crit multi. It's not ver expensive either. If you will like your amulet is worth bigger investment you can go for Disembowelment, located close to Resolute Techniques.
Alternative is to go for Whispers of Doom which would allow you to replace boots with something else, however it's a very expensive anointment and i wouldn't recommend it unless you plan to turn that amulet into T3 Rotfeather talisman.

Expensive Items


Saviour creates two clones of you doing exact same damage, only downside is that they don't have the same Reave radius as you since they don't use Vaal Reave.

This jewel gives crazy amount of extra damage and some survivability.
Watcher;s Eye with flat crit chance with Hatred Aura are better, however damage is so ridiculous that it's not needed. This build is already doing Frozen Elders per second damage.



Corrupted Cannot Be Inflicted On You is one of the most important things you need on a jewel. It will be deadly otherwise.

Mantra of Flames will give you extra 500k dps with good auramancer around.



First Cluster jewel simply has two slots for medium jewels and elemental damage if you have Chilled/Ignited/Shocked recently and you will do that all the time, including on all endgame bosses and Corrosive Elements will lower targets resistances.

These gems are the most important and probably will be quite expensive to get.Each of them has Purposeful Harbinger, which increases Aura effect on you by 10% per Herald. And you use all 5 Heralds, so 50% per jewel. 4 Jewels = 200% Aura effect on you. While Endbringer node increases damage you do by 25% per Herald so 125% per node. 4 nodes = 500% increased damage.

If you want to invest a lot of money and push this build to absolute limits then you can buy unique jewel Voices with 3 medium jewel sockets and boost further aura effects on you and damage per herald.

Uber Atziri has phys reflect that can kill you. Use gloves with phys conversion to some element for that fight.

Skill Gem Guide


Main Hand - 1 + 2 link
Portal / CWDT + Blood Rage

Off Hand
Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Ice Golem

CWDT - Increased Duration - Immortal Call - Phase Run

Summon Stone Golem - Enlighten lvl2-3 - Herald of Purity - Herald of Agony

Enlighten lvl3 - Herald of Ashes - Herald of Ice - Herald of Thunder

Body Armour
Vaal Reave - Elemental Damage with Attacks (Awakened when you can afford) - Multistrike - Damage on Full life - Physical to Lightning

This guide is work in progress and will be updated. :)
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hey man look good just thinking u say promote play as party but i cant find a good "guide" for a auramance so if u know one would be awesome thinking with 1 friend to try this :) keep it up!
(sorry if i do mistake my main lenguage is spanish)
Akiass wrote:
hey man look good just thinking u say promote play as party but i cant find a good "guide" for a auramance so if u know one would be awesome thinking with 1 friend to try this :) keep it up!
(sorry if i do mistake my main lenguage is spanish)

Hey Akiass,


This is Path of Building link to practically best auramancer build, you won't find a guide for this. Let me know if you need help.
thanks so much now i will try to make this with my friend ! :)

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