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blackhole088 wrote:
PunisherxDKx wrote:

Are you going to update this build for 3.11 when the league has started?

I saw this build last league and was looking to use it this time around so I did my best at converting it for 3.11. This is my first time really messing around with POB so I'm sure it could be more efficient and cleaned up. If somebody wants to optimize it that would by hype.

I managed to get it up to 17M dps with 5.3k life which is close to where it was at before I think. Could do with a bit more life maybe.

-The big thing I noticed was that the warcry medium cluster jewels were changed from "+buff effect" to "+exerted attack" which was falling short by a lot. So I had to mess around with the cluster jewels and changed them to crit / herald cluster jewels. I didn't mess with any of the rest of the gear.

-added concentrated effect to the 6L instead of increased physical
-specced out of the warcry nodes since they weren't being compounded with the cluster jewels anymore. Also changed the warbringer ascendancy to flawless savagery for the same reason.


Edit: If the cluster jewels aren't showing up right on POB even with the new POB Community Fork one, you have to remake them yourself. Idk why but it's the only way to get them to work.

Nice, now the only issue is how to farm for these cluster jewels.
So damn expensive.🤣
Thoughts on Bear's Girdle to replace the normal belt?

Seems like the +20 rage/extra loaded damage would fit right in?

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