[3.12] Champion Crybot Support Build

I'll be streaming from 21/09/2020 come join me.


[3.12] I decided to revive the build. Here's a rough sketch: https://pastebin.com/jhvXRVZ3

I'll be updating this build further. Here's the buff it provides (paste it as custom item):
buff jewel

Cobalt Jewel
Implicits: 0
64% more physical damage
[Flesh and Stone]
24% increased physical damage
[War Banner]
20% increased physical damage
33% increased accuracy rating
[Dread Banner]
30% chance to impale enemies on Hit with attacks
32% increased impale effect
[Rallying Cry]
40 to 100 added physical damage
[Master of Metal]
30 to 60 added physical damage
[Worthy Foe]
Hits can't be evaded
20% more damage
[Words of Glory]
10% increased attack, cast and movement speed

[3.11] Cluster jewel no longer grants increased buff effect. build is dead xd

Edit: I got to level 100. Chris if you're reading this please remove talismans and beyond.

Hey. Welcome to my build.

I've been playing support builds in previous leagues, so I wanted to this league too. The mobs this league are pretty crazy and dieing as aurabot was always a big problem for me so it seemed like suicide to play a regular aurabot build. Then I stumbled upon this notable on medium cluster jewel:

I fiddled for a bit in Path of Building made a character and after a week of playing I'm 98 level, the highest I have ever reached.

I hear you ask how much damage are my friends gonna dish out with me buffing them. Just ask your friend to paste this jewel into his build and place it in an empty jewel socket. Or hijack their build with import function and check for yourself.

buff jewel
Cobalt Jewel
Implicits: 0
[Rallying Cry with 0 monsters nearby]
323% Increased Damage
[Intimidating Cry 0 monsters nearby]
41% Increased Attack Speed
[Champion Ascendancy (Worthy Foe)]
20% more damage
Hits can't be evaded
[Intimidate & Unnerve]
10% more damage
[Words of Glory]
10% increased attack, cast and movement speed
50% increased attack damage
25% increased attack speed
10% increased movement speed


defensive stats
without enduring

with enduring


Before you can afford Hands of the High Templar gloves with +10 level to the socketed gems I reccomend using Honourhome:

Get one with +2 level to the socketed gems.
When you have Hands of the High Templar just go for any rare helmet with high hp and resistances.

body armor
We want as much hp as we can get so Kaom's is our best bet.

Hands of the High Templar gloves allow us to reach the highest possible warcry level

Implicits you want are in order of priority:
1. +2 to Level of Socketed Duration Gems
2. +1 to Level of Socketed Gems
3. +2 to Level of Socketed Warcry Gems
3. +2 to Level of Socketed AoE Gems
4. (4–6)% increased maximum Life

If you can't afford it get rare gloves with hp, resistances


If your friend is a spell caster this boots are not necessary since he won't be benefiting so much from intimidating cry buff, you can still use them despite that since more attack speed is gonna help you keep up with him.
Any rare boots with hp, resistances and movement speed will do too.


Bloodgrip reduces damage from bleeding and gives a ton of regen. Any amulet would do, marble amulet is BiS.

rings and belt

HP, resistances and stats.


Reduces cooldown of our warcries to 2 seconds and gives us 50% increased buff effect. Trigger level 1 Abyssal Cry on hit can be annoying as it puts other warcries on cooldown.
Depending on how closely you follow the guide you may reach lower cooldown than 2 seconds and a rare geminin claw may be better.


25% increased warcry buff effect and permament onslaught. Pretty good.


Freeze, burning, bleeding, curse removal etc. do what you want.


You want to use cry wolf with 35% increased effect or cry wolf with rattling bellow. One with Rattling Bellow is gonna give more damage but your cries are gonna be a bit weaker. You want to put them in every free spot you have.

You want one of each unless your friend is generating rage himself or if he unnerves/intimidates monsters himself.

I use this large jewel for +5% maximum life. You need 2 notables to push Gladiator's Fortitude. You can use the voices instead of a rare jewel to get more sockets.

Gives us a ton of hp regen, not really mandatory.

+max life%/+max life resistances, attributes and other stuff you need

bandits and ascendancy
bandits: kill all
ascendancy: Conqueror > Worthy Foe > Inspirational > Unstoppable Hero

For links check PoB

Use shield charge to get around. Rallying cry every 30 secs or so. Watch out for Intimidating cry timing. Enduring cry while cycloning monsters. Abyssal cry from time to time to help with clearing. Try to keep your stone golem and holy relic alive.

If you have any question feel free to pm me in game or dm me on discord:

My youtubler: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBOmvExC13NYDscR6fHn97w
Twittler: https://twitter.com/Str34my
Twitchler: https://www.twitch.tv/swetru
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Any replacement for the weapon or helmet? we are small private league and wanted to make this support build
For weapon we don't have a lot of choices. You could use a rare elder 1h axe with increased Warcry Cooldown Recovery Speed. You could also become a vacuum with https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Debeon%27s_Dirge and https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Empire%27s_Grasp but it's gonna cause you to have a long cooldown on warcries so instead of jewels with pure cry wolf/cry wolf&rattling bellow I'd go with cry wolf&mob mentality. That would give us a 1.9s cooldown with 15 rage generated with every shout. With rage generation this high your friends should consider using berserk, they should be able to sustain it for about 12 seconds.

For helmet https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Deidbellow or

we want anything with +to level of socketed gems/duration gems/warcry gems/aoe gems because there's no other way that we can scale warcries. You could also use a regular rare helmet and put your rallying cry in https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Voideye.
Edit: I got to level 100. Chris if you're reading this please remove talismans and beyond.

Chris please do this man
i tested increased warcry buff effect.
but . this just affect on you.

for example. i checked party player's DPS
but just increased proportional to the number of surrounding enemies

and also increased duration was affect on me.
my incresed warcry buff duration is about 40 second but my party player have only 8second.

i dont know well this was intended or not. but serious problem is there
Increased warcry buff effect and increased warcry duration only affects warcries casted by you.

Modifiers affect your character and your character only unless stated otherwise.
is this build self farming okey or most be with party?
dyp0420 wrote:
is this build self farming okey or most be with party?

It performs best in a party as a damage buffer. It can clear maps but very slowly and bosses are a nightmare. But with some tweaks you could get it to ~500k dps.

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