[3.10] Archmage + Indigon Storm Brand Hiero Build Guide | 8.5 mil Shaper dps | Video

This is a build guide for my storm brand hierophant using the new archmage support gem with an Indigon helmet. The playstyle of this build different from any other build I have played in Path of Exile. Rather than spamming skills and doing damage, this build requires some restraint and precise timing of skills to maximize your damage output. This is because the Indigon raises the mana cost of your skills as you spend mana, but if the mana cost is raised to a value higher than your total mana pool you lose all of the added damage from the archmage support.

If you execute the skill combos properly you are rewarded with massive damage. After a while of playing the build it becomes muscle memory and is fairly easy to execute if you put in the effort to understand how to use it.

My video goes over everything in detail: the gear, gems, passive tree, how to calculate damage in path of building, how the character works and how to use it, a deathless uber elder kill, as well as some tips on how to optimize the mana cost of your skills to make it work for you!


Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/mn17hpL6

My Current Gear

How it Works

This is much easier explained in the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whudKBNFdCY&t=523s

I currently have a mana pool of 8475, and my storm brand costs 655 mana. Casting storm brand once will proc 3 instances of the indigon increased cost of spells and spell damage. This makes storm brand now cost cost 1770 and the tooltip average damage over doubles from 33 thousand to 74 thousand

So what if I cast storm brand twice. The mana cost jumps to 5118, and the damage 239 thousand. The tooltip damage on storm brand does not factor in cast speed at all, nor lightning penetration, or the fact it does 130% more damage to an enemy the brand is attached to.

What happens if I cast storm brand a 3rd time? The mana cost jumps to 14,418 and the damage drops to 28 thousand. This is because the mana cost of the skill is larger than my mana pool of 8475.

So the way that you map with this character is to cast storm brand twice and wait for the mana cost to drop back down to 655 before casting 2 more, then you continuously move the brands around using brand recall. All of the currently active brands will deal the damage indicated on the tooltip regardless of when they were cast.

If you cast more storm brands before the mana cost drops back to its base value, you may push the mana cost above the total of your mana pool bricking your damage for the next 4 seconds. Like I said earlier it requires some restraint that becomes muscle memory.

For bosses you want to push the mana cost of your storm brand as high as possible without going over your maximum mana. To achieve this I have an orb of storms linked with archmage and faster casting causing it to cost 238 mana which is enough to proc 1 instance of the indigon's effects. This raises the storm brand's mana cost from 655 to 1027, after 1 storm brand cast the mana cost is now 2886, after a 2nd storm brand cast, the mana cost is now 8094 which is still with in my limit of 8475.

At this point if I use any one of my other skills (brand recall, flame dash, molten shell, or shield charge) the mana cost of storm brand goes to 8466. Only 9 mana under my maximum mana pool. A second cast of any of these skills in the 4 second window, and it will push the cost of the storm brand over the maximum mana pool and the damage will be gone.

As long as you do not get to trigger happy with skills, you lay down the skill combo, dodge maybe 1 attack and the boss will be dead if you executed it properly.

Optimizing Mana Costs

In my video I demonstrate a scenario where I need to change the mana cost of my storm brand to make it work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whudKBNFdCY&t=791s

If you are trying to replicate this build you are going to have different gear, meaning a different amount of max mana, and different skill costs so you may have to tweak things in order to juice your storm brand to its maximum damage potential.

First off, quality on the archmage support increases mana cost by .5 percent per 1 percent quality. This can greatly change the mana cost of your storm brand and the amount of instances of the Indigon effects you are using. I recommend leaving archmage at 0% quality when using Indigon.

Indigon can roll between 50 to 60 increased spell damage per 200 mana spent recently. The lower the roll on the Indigon the more freedom you will have to remp up your mana cost.

On the passive tree there are several nodes that reduce the mana cost of skills as well. The Righteous Decree cluster in the tempar start has reduced mana cost of skills. The tireless cluster just below has reduced mana cost of skills. And the dynamo cluster beside the scion life wheel does as well.

If you invest the time to determine how to consistently get your mana cost to as close to your max mana as possible. You will be rewarded with massive damage.
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Gonna roll this build, let's see how it will go.

Gonna edit this post as i go
Good luck, have fun!
There is actually another, simpler way to optimize your mana spending, which is also more brain dead: using arcane cloak linked with second wind and less duration.

with enough coolddown reduction and reduced duration, you can have a combined duration+CD of exactly 4 seconds. This way, all you ever have to do is keep Arcane Cloak pressed on cooldown and run around with brand recall, never having to manually cast storm brand ever again!

of course you lose some flexibility, since arcane cloak always uses 45% of your maximum mana. you would have to make sure that after spending this amount the increased mana cost of storm brand does not surpass your maximum mana.

for this, i've written a simple excel sheet for easy calculation:

i'm planning to build my hierophant with pledge of hands for even easier storm brand casting; also i kinda like the idea of stacking life, ES and mana for even more protection. additionally, by having life i can link all other skills with blood magic, completely negating the risk of their mana cost messing up the indigon threshold.
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Hey, I'm trying a similar idea and I think Corrupted Soul synergies incredibly well with Indigon. I've been stacking Liquid Inspirations for more Mana regen from flakss hence I get a ton of Life Regen. A bit of Energy Leech from the energy leech gem and I might get some from cluster jewels later.

It seems incredibly tanky.
I have this build up to lvl 87 with cheap-ish gear and have hit a wall at T9-10 maps. I've already made some tree changes to get more ES, but i'm only on 5.5k ES, which means I'm getting consistently 1 shot during delirium, even with flasks/vaal MS up.

I see in your PoB you have 7.5k ES, which barely seems enough?

Any tips? https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/trolley/

The gear i'm missing is worth multiple exalts (i.e. rings/belt/jewels - unnatural instinct would be huge but its 15ex), so I can't afford that level of upgrade. Should I focus on getting more int to get ES? Damage isn't a problem if I get the combo correct.

EDIT: I forgot to say, just how good the damage is when you get the combo right. I'm thinking about dropping a LOT of crit just to fix the survivability!

EDIT2: after grinding all day i'm up to 6700 ES and 8200 mana. A phasing flask and some more ES nodes helped the survivability. My combo needs 8174 mana so its a little optimised. Took down Sirus 6 with no problems. Just too easy to cast and run around, compared to my melee builds.
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I only have that much ES because of the dumb expensive Clarity Watcher's Eye. Early on I did not reserve all of my life and grabbed Mind Over Matter for a bit of an extra buffer until I could get the watcher's eye.
Which talent tree should we follow? The one you present in the video and in Path of Building are different
Hi, can you help with me with one detail?

Say as in your example, storm brand costs 655 mana. Lets say you cast Storm Brand ONCE and cost jumps to 1770. Does that existing storm brand continue to do damage as per its 655 mana cost, or as per the new 1770 mana cost?

So does storm brand's damage snapshot the archmage bonus at the time point when its cast, or does it update dynamically with time?

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