[3.10] Gladiator Blade Flurry. Cheap, league starter.

Hello. I want to present to you build on a gladiator, the main skill of which will be blade flurry. This build is fairly simple and will be convenient for both experienced players and beginners to play. The low cost of the main items needed for the game will also make it possible to assemble it for almost any player.

Also sorry for my english, its not my main language.

In items section added cluster jewel point

Build Pros:
+ Very high damage for such a low cost
+ Great league starter
+ Allows you to get through any boss in the game, even with a 5-link
+ Fast mapping (if u want it)
+ Many defensive layers (block, armor, blind)
+ Non-afk gameplay (as the current meta)

Build Cons:
- This build is a melee (but in fact it is far from the usual representation of a melee build)
- You can’t absolutely all afk-tank like juggs with 10k hp and 8 endurance charges
- For effective damage to bosses, you must correctly press all burst skills (in total 10 hotkeys for skills are used. But dont worry, most of them should be pressed one-two times in a boss fight).

All videos will be attached at the end of the guide.


Despite some youtuders who use axes on the gladiator, we will use EXCLUSIVELY swords in this build. Why swords? Because in all respects, axes are worse then swords:
- Swords have significantly greater attack speed, which allows you to move faster on the maps.
- The main talents for the block are more conveniently located if you take talents for swords rather than axes.
- The own property of swords is accuracy, which makes it more convenient to pass the plot without losing a chance to hit.
- There are more good unique swords than axes and they are all cheap.

This build will use Ichimonji swords, which at first glance do not have the largest DPS, but if you consider them in more detail, everything will turn out differently.

The power of these swords is that they empower all the buffs that are used on your character (the buff is that in the upper left corner has an icon with a green frame). And since we use a lot of buffs, the damage will be greater than that of rare swords with damage of 370 dps. In the pictures below you can see confirmation of my words.

Now there are crit in the build. BUT, I still do not recommend using other weapons, such as a savior or paradoxica. The cost of these items is not worth the damage received. The Savior, in principle, is a VERY inconvenient sword, since it has a very low attack speed and damage, and the clones from it dont use correctly our skill, so its useless. A paradoxica can and will do more damage, but it is not worth it at its price (the difference will be at the level of - kill the boss in 4 seconds or 3). Also paradoxica has very low attack speed (really, i dont like to play with low attack speed char).

Damage comparison
Damage with Ichimonji

Damage with rare ones 370 pdps

Body armour
For the slot of armor, Daresso's Defiance will be used, since this armor is the best option among unique analogues, as well as a worthy competitor to any rare armor (even the beloved 7-link-maim-elder). This armor provides enough health, a lot of armor and evasion, as well as endless endurance charges + enhanced onslaught when clearing maps and bosses (do not pay attention to painting sockets in the picture).

I tried using the Farrul armor, but it gives fewer bonuses than daresso. Very uncomfortable and expensive armor.


The best option is the Brine's Crown. This helmet is very underestimated and rarely used in builds. This helmet gives immunity to freezing, a lot of armor, health and resistance to cold.

There is also a second option - The crown of the inner eye (a new helmet that drops from the sirus with a very high chance). It does not give resistances, but in addition to a large increase in health, it also gives damage due to its properties (30% of the bonuses to mana, energy shield and health also give an increase in damage). I had no problem get the resist with other items, so this is a good option. It is also advisable to buy a flask or find boots with freeze protection, if you choose this option.

For enchantment, you can either seek to enhance your main skill. You can take whatever you like more.
Other good options include enhance buffs from blood and sand, berserk (you can increase the effect of this burst), blood rage and ancestral protector for attack speed.


For gloves you should use tomfists with one socket and put murdeous eye jewel on it (for intimidate debuff). Dont need to get gloves with 2 sockets, that's useless. Good option - corrupt with vulnerability, but its not neccesary.

More expensive option - Hands of the high templar with vulnerability corrupt (also can some more good corrupts (frenzy charge, crit chance, attack speed, +level gems). Due to these gloves grants resistance, u can be more flexible with other items.


There is nothing interesting here, rare belt with health, a lot of resistances and so on. Can use stygian vise ofc (more expensive, but grant you more damage due to jewel).


There is nothing interesting here, rare boots with health, resistances and movement speed.


I use a rare amulet with health, resistes, physical damage and, preferably, intelligence. If you want, you can use the impresence with physical damage, but it will be more difficult to get the resistances cap.
About oils - u have a lot of options on it. Best ones - Discipline and training (more life. black\silver\silver), Assassination (best dmg talent. black\opalescent\golden), Master of force (good dmg talent. black\black\opalescent), Lucidity (new talent for channeling skill, I prefer this option now. amber\violet\silver).


Both rings are rare with health, resistances, flat physical damage. Circles of guit (synthesis rings) can be used to enhance the herald of purity, but this is an expensive option.
Also try to get one ring with intelligence so you will not have any problems when u start to use infused channeling.

I advise you to take an amulet or a ring with a free prefix/suffix, so that in the future you can craft a mana cost on it (opens by means of an unveil of rings and an amulets from Elreon). Craft costs 2 chaos.
Also important - get on one of them craft for +1 minimum endurance charges. With this mod, every hit on you will activate onslaught for 5 sec (very good damage boost on bosses).


Two health flasks (preferably with the option of instant recovery on low hp) and the mod of anti-bleeding (one can be replaced with Karui blood).
Sulphur flask with the property of anti-curse \ anti-freeze mod to increase damage\crit chance and regenerate hp.
Diamond flask with anti-bleeding \ anti-freeze mod to increase crit chance. I advise you to take the mod for increased duration.
The best flask for any gladiator is Rumi's Concotion. Gives a lot of armor and block, which is very useful for our ascendancy talents.

Sulphur bottle can of course be replaced by bottled faith It's very expensive option but it give you a lot of damage.


Rare jewels with increased life and 2-3 mods for damage.

Link to find good rare jewels - https://poe.trade/search/atitaritaritar

Кластерный самоцвет

This jewel is optional but it give you a lot of damage.

Best talents for cluster jewel i choose three: precise commander, precise retaliation and savage responce. U need try to find jewel with: 4 passive talents + 1 jewel socket + 2 talents that described before.

On jewel socket i recommend to use good rare one.

Link to find cluster jewel - https://poe.trade/search/makaimomiakori


My gear

Cheap option

More expensive option


Main skill

If you will not have enough sockets immediately, I advise you not to use the portal \ fortify \ increased duration.

While channeling, deals damage to enemies in the area in front of you. The longer it is channeling, the more damage it inflicts (maximum 6 stages). When channeling ceases, it inflicts instant huge damage. For proper use, you must follow the following order: make 6 stages - release - make 6 stages - release. When clearing maps, fewer stages are enough.
Enhances the physical damage from your attacks, but prohibits other types of damage (elements and chaos).
When hit with a main skill, it gives you a charge of rage that passively gives you damage, attack speed and movement speed. The maximum number of charges is 50. It also gives additional damage for every 5 charges (strong with the first 10). Thanks to this gem, the use of berserk is possible.
Passively increases the physical damage from your attacks.
Enhances attacks after 5 for the same target.
Passively enhances your skill, and also reduces incoming damage. In addition, while channeling a certain time, it gives a buff that additionally increases damage for 6 seconds. I advise first of all get the quality of this gem to 20, since the required maintenance time will be significantly reduced. Requires a lot of intelligence (111).

The order of description of the gems coincides with the order in which you need to insert for 4-5-6 links.

Movement skill

You can also put Blood Magic if you have problems with mana (I don’t have them).

Whirling blades is convenient for evading the skills of end-game bosses. If there are difficulties when moving on the maps, you can use leap slam.

Totem + Frenzy

These gems are used to finish off bosses, as well as maintain fortify and frenzy charges on bosses. Totem significantly enhances attack speed, and frenzy when hit on the enemy gives 1 frenzy charge.


A banner that passively increases damage over enemies, and so is a strong burst upon repeated use.

Herald, which will increase our damage, and also creates minions, which are useful in some situations in the form of cannon fodder.

An aura that has two modes that can be switched when pressed. It either gives additional damage or reduces the damage you receive. Maim gem is necessary to enhance the effect in the offensive stance.

Aura, which also has two modes and switches simultaneously with the previous one. In an attacking stance it increases damage, but reduces the AOE, in a defensive stance it reduces damage, but increases AOE.

An aura that spends mana not in %, but in a certain value. Gives critical chance and accuracy. It is necessary to pump only to the level at which the accuracy will be 100%. No more swinging is required (level 8-10).

Defensive gems

The regular version of this stone is applied automatically. When used, it gives a shield that absorbs part of the incoming damage. The Vaal version is applied by your press and gives a more powerful shield with a longer action. CWDT must be at level 1, and molten shell at 10.

Burst gems

Only the vaal version is used. It has two charges. Usually used only on bosses or especially fatty mobs.

A very powerful buff that consumes rage charges accumulated by a main skill. It gives a lot of damage and attack speed for a short period of time.


Curse increases the damage taken by opponents. Used automatically. These gems are not required if you have corrupt on your gloves with vulnerability upon impact. Since there will be a shortage of sockets, there is no need to use a portal and fortify if you get curse through the gems.

Not included in other sections, but no less important

A buff that gives additional leech and the generation of frenzy charges when killing enemies. It is pressed by yourself, but the action time is updated with any kill.

Portal gem, not neccesary but helps a lot

Proper usage of gems

At the beginning of the map, put blood and sand in a sand stance and activate blood rage. On particularly fat enemies, you can switch the stance to a bloody one, and then return to the sand version.

It is advisable not to stand afk, since the rage charges in this case will quickly disappear.

When approaching the boss, you will almost always have 50 stacks of banner and 50 rage charges.

Immediately after the start of the attack on the boss, we go to the bloody stance, activate the ancestral protecton, ONE vaal warchief, berserk, and also click on the banner again. It is also necessary to use all of your damage flasks (very important to use diamond flask at least).
At the moment, your damage will be at maximum. If the first vaal warhief ends, activate the second one.
Be careful that as soon as the buff from berserk ends, your damage will be reduced.

It is also necessary to immediately activate the buff from infused channeling (you must use the specified amount of time without interrupt the skill), and then use the above strategy: made 6 stages - release - 6 stages - release, etc. Note that for full burst 6 stages will be typed in 0.2-0.3 seconds, so it’s easier to catch the rhythm when you need to release the key. If it is difficult to understand immediately, the number of stages is indicated above in the effects.

After the accumulation of 15-20 rage charges, you can reactivate berserk.

Repeat until the death of the boss. In fact, almost all the bosses on the maps will die before the end of the first vaal warchief.

If the boss hits hard, activate the vaal molten shell. It is also necessary to try to constantly maintain the frenzy charges and fortify with frenzy skill. Frenzy charges will give you a lot of damage, so try to not forget maintain them on big bosses.

To effectively inflict damage on the boss, it is important to correctly press all of these skills. Berserk, vaal warchief and the vaal molten shel are conveniently put on CTRL hotkeys, as I have.

If you do not have enough damage, you forgot to click something. You need to practice for a while to remember the correct order in which skills are used.

Talent tree

The order of pumping talents can be changed if necessary (for example, too little damage or health).

The order of talent selection I will show in the picture. I hope you understand what I was trying to portray.

First - red line.
Second - blue line.
Third - green line.

If u have cluster jewel, i recommend to take firstly default talents and then - cluster talents.

120-points (no cluster jewel)
If you have problems with mana, you can take talent on the right before.

POB link (no jewel) - https://pastebin.com/MNXZqH04
POB link (with cluster jewel) - https://pastebin.com/8rY1uKgG

A pob link points to a character with stronger gear. You can navigate through it, how you can change things to become stronger (awakened gems, sirus gloves and all that).


Ascendancy class - Gladiator

Order of taking talents: Blood in the eyes - Gratious violence - Painforged - Versatile Combatant.

Blood in the eyes - enemies take increased physical damage and also your hits will immediatly blind them (50% less chance to hit)

Gratious violence - enemies that you kill will explode and hurt other enemies. Best talent for map clearing

Painforged - grants you some damage\block chance and also stun immune when blocking

Versatile Combatant - ultimative talent that give you a lot of spell block (with rumi - 75\75% block).


Kill all coz 2 talents are better than any bonuses.


There is no particular indication of which gods to take in the pantheon. You can take whatever you want.
At the moment, I advise you to use Solaris / Lunaris for more protection on the maps / bosses (choose what you need more).
The youngest god is Ruslatha, because it helps to gain healing flasks during long battles with bosses, as well as to get more health on low health.


Sirus A8 (3.10)

Sirus A8 (3.9)

Т15 Drox Map (3.9)

Uber Elder (3.9)

Actually, there is no difference between 3.9 and 3.10. 3.9 videos are recorded on overgeared char and 3.10 - with cheap items. I will add more 3.10 later maybe if needed. Dont worry, i have no troubles in maps with this new delirium monsters.


In this section I will make the main questions that I am most often asked. Also, over time, such issues will be supplemented.

What about mana, how to regen it?
I don’t know why, but with these questions people often turn to me. Mana leech comes from talent RIGHT in a tree. You can pump them at any time convenient for you, at least in act 3, at least on t16 maps, when you want more. For a blade flurry without rings for - manacost, it is advisable to take all 3 talents, coz mana may be lacking on bosses. Another option is to buy a ring with mana leech mod if possible.

How to get more dmg?
Basically, the answer to this question is in the equipment section, but I will briefly repeat here.
1. Awakened gems (phys damage + brutality)
2. Sirus gloves with 2-3 good corrupts (frenzy charge, attack speed, crit chance and so on)
3. Helmet enchant. For enchantment, you can either seek to enhance your main skill. You can take whatever you like more.
Other good options include enhance buffs from blood and sand, berserk (you can increase the effect of this burst), blood rage and ancestral protector for attack speed.
4. Bottled faith. Very strong and expensive flask that give you like 20% more crit chance and 10% more dmg. Try to get one with good rolls
5. Watcher's eye with 2 mods on precision.

Amulet enchantments?
Best ones - Discipline and training (more life. black\silver\silver), Assassination (best dmg talent. black\opalescent\golden), Master of force (good dmg talent. black\black\opalescent), Lucidity (new talent for channeling skill, I prefer this option now. amber\violet\silver).

Can i (insert your sentence)?
Yes, you can change this build as you wish, if for you the innovations turn out to be more convenient and useful. You can try to play the champion, if you are satisfied with his survival, you can change the main items, if it will be easier for you. I advise you only to keep the main idea and gems. Good luck with your experiments!

Where to get craft lines at +1 to a minimum of endurance charges or - manacost?
You need to take the veiled rings \ amulets of the syndicate (especially Elreon) and open them by choosing the appropriate lines. This process is quite long and it is not always possible to quickly find the necessary ones.

They kill me, everything is very bad, help.
First of all, make sure that you are doing everything correctly (click flaskss, buttons, resistes are closed, etc.). Secondly, remember - you will not be able to tank everything. Many bosses have attacks that in most cases take you one shot. Fortunately, almost all of them have an obvious animation, because of which it will not be difficult to complete such a skill. In my understanding, in this game, a block on bosses is not the main defense mechanics. This is a 75-79% insurance against the fact that you did something wrong. With experience, you will learn to understand which opponents should not be afraid, and which might kill you. Just train and go through the same bosses several times.

Can i use any other main skill?
Yep u can use almost every melee phys skill based on this build.
If u want to play cyclone - just change gem and get quicksilver flask (also change gratious violence for arena challenger - cyclone is bad combine with explosions).
If u want to play lacerate - just change main gem and infused channeling ---> multistrike. Also change channeling - manacost for a regular - manacost.
All other melee skills can be used too with not big changes.

If you have any questions, you can write in the comments or inside the game. In-game nickname - ChairManCat or OfferCozItsAllThatIHave.
Also, if there are any errors in the links or inaccuracies, you can write in the comments.

Good luck!
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Thanks for making this thread, I am following this build atm, such an awesome build!
can you suggest a leveling skills and items? thanks a lot for the build
edit: nvm im stupid
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Hey, im having REAL bad mana issues, am i supposed to use the aspect of the cat aura or not? I havent really seen you mention it in the guide but it was in pob and the forum post and i just went with it cuz i have money but dont have enough mana to reserve it :p
So now i have to use either aspect of the cat, precision and dread banner. if oyu need any more information just feel free to ask if its needed to help me :)
FireStormxd wrote:
Hey, im having REAL bad mana issues, am i supposed to use the aspect of the cat aura or not? I havent really seen you mention it in the guide but it was in pob and the forum post and i just went with it cuz i have money but dont have enough mana to reserve it :p
So now i have to use either aspect of the cat, precision and dread banner. if oyu need any more information just feel free to ask if its needed to help me :)

dont use aspect, it's just belt with beastcraft on it.
Also ive got another question, do you have any other weapon recommendations for an upgrade? Or just anything to increase my dps overall?
Good build, but not cheap for daresso body armor, can you put some alternative body armor and some gloves?
Natacorn1955 wrote:
Good build, but not cheap for daresso body armor, can you put some alternative body armor and some gloves?

It's already in guide. Alternative body armour ----> 5-link daresso. Its enough to kill every boss.
Alternative gloves too --- tombfists\rare gloves + curse on gems.

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