[3.10]Revelasti's Chieftain Ngamahu Static Strike, aka Fire Works

I started this build with two goals: Don't die, go fast. There were no updated static strike guides for a while and everyone on poe.ninja was different classes(all 5 of them) so there was really nothing to go on, I started this from scratch. What follows is my best effort but I am no expert so feel free to comment suggestions!

1. Go Fast
2. Don't die
3. Can get to red maps on 1 ex budget
4. Only 1 unique needed

1. Can't do elemental reflect maps
2. No regen maps are dangerous
3. Has to stop periodically

PoB with leveling trees: https://pastebin.com/TJ1fdUwD

Sample gear and skill gems

Because Chieftain gets 100% to fire resistance I tried to focus my gear towards getting a solid amount of chaos resistance. Ngamahu is cheap and abundant, got this one for 10 chaos the first weekend into league. It's the only essential item you need. For the enchantment I would suggest duration increase for QoL, the increased damage isn't that big of impact. The least necessary support for Static Strike is Inspiration so until you have a 6L you can drop that. Phase run gives more damage to static strike while you run, but is less useful for movement than leap slam so your choice.


Typical flasks. Bleed is non-issue so only mod you need is freeze immune. Quicksilver with adrenaline helps us move fast through packs. Lion's roar is big damage and the knockback should be irrelevant.

Kill all bandits
Lunaris/Gruthkul - Lunaris helps us move through packs quickly and Gruthkul is just more defense

All my jewels have increased maximum life at the minimum. Any sources of increased damage are helpful. All resists are helpful.

Cluster jewels I went with 2 double socket large clusters. Notables on the large clusters aren't hugely important. From there I got 3 life small clusters and 1 chaos that has Blessed for another life source. Clusters were the most expensive early investment in this build because of the life clusters, don't feel like you need a specific notable here. I do recommend surging vitality though.

Will upload video at later time. Basically once you swing once with static strike you start running. When you encounter a pack your static strike buff will chain hit the whole pack and each chain can trigger Ngamahu. Lightning and fire exploding all at once, pack is dead. You only stop moving to restart static strike.

Final note: The dps is more than capable of cruising through red maps quickly but is probably a slow boss killer. This is a great league starter and card farmer simply because it will move fast and not die.
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Would love to see a video of this. Sounds like a lot of fun
so does this converted to all fire damage? would flammability be good for for bosses?

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Can you upload a video plz? Im very interested in doing something around SStrike

is it relevant for 3,11?

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