3.10 Sarn Arena

Hello, seeing if any experienced pvpers could recommend a direction for a good all round FFA Class/Skill. There's been quite a few changes since I last played, seems like everything these days has a hard counter maybe thats a good thing?

Righteous fire / SR still viable ? are bowers still viable? Fireball?

FYI I am playing on league.. bored of mapping time for SARN FFA lol

there's always someone to duel lately, much more so than the last league I played in.

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Depends if you play League or Standard , PvP Bowers are rip in league , they nerf bows(weapon mods , jewels, etc) each league , but bows still viable in standard

SR still good but max block + SR is not the best choice for leagues, there are many ways to counter now ( you can check the 1vs1 delirium ladder , theres 1 guy using SR+Fireball )

Minions still op in league , arakaali fang spiders are the strongest in league , sarn and 1vs1 , and now skeletons and srs are op with that ''Minions created recently cannot be damaged'' cluster jewel

if you like mines , you can test Purifying flame + Mines ( big aoe and auto target )

Right on, thanks for the info. Did CI tanks get destroyed by the minion meta?

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