[3.10] purposefull harbinger guardian solo/aura bot test and possible help for perfection.

Hi, this is the first build i've made and i'd like some help to know if it s viable and correct and if there are ways to improve it.

the principle is simple you make a templar you rush to the closest large jewel socket and make almost a circle around the map while taking aura buffs and reduction to mana reservation on the way.

like all aura bots some items are REALLY Expensive but at least you don t have to buy "the voice" jewels for 120ex each

here is the pastbin code with perfect rolls items : https://pastebin.com/4BXutkVx

and if someone has a solution for chaos damage other than coruscating elixir spam, it would be cool.

thank you.

edit: i forgot to take Zealoth's Oath on this link... ups
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