PSA: Full List of Spectres, Stats, Skills, and DPS Estimates

Edit:- See follow-up comment for some ideas and showcase videos.

Spreadsheet here -

For a copy you can interact with, click here, click the link at the top-left in the sheet, or use File -> Make a copy. May require logging in to a Google account. It's a lot of data* and calculation, so copying and sorting can be a bit slow -

This list should contain all monsters capable of being raised as spectres, but some of them on the list may not actually be raisable, such as ones with the "unusable corpse" tag, "CannotBeUsedAsMinion" mod, or enemies that just don't spawn (Like Snake Flower Man or DrTestopus).

Most stats will update with whatever level is put in the "Spectre Level" entry, but a few like resists assume map-level spectres for simplicity.

DPS estimates include the most common skill stats (global damage, cast, or attack speed multipliers), but not more specific stats, nor mods on the monsters themselves, so treat them like a rough guide, rather than gospel. Also, a lot of more recent enemies have trigger-based skills that I can't parse well or at all. Furthermore, the AI scripts can heavily impact if or when skills are used, check the PoEDB listings for entries like "TargetIsPlayer" or "IAmNotSpectre".

*All of the raw source data is in hidden sheets for the sake of easier updating. Use View -> Hidden Sheets if you want to toy around with it. Ripped using PyPoE -

How to calculate monster skill damage was sourced from here -

[quote="Qarl"]Fixed a bug where occasionally Fairgraves, Neverdying never dies[/quote]
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A couple excerpts and examples -

at least 2 of the new spectres are buffers. Baranite cleric has 20% physical damage added as extra lightning damage aura. Arena Master periodically gives 40% attack, cast and movement speed to nearby allies (and also some damage buff).

Edit: They of Tul also places an aoe within which allies get 20% chance to dodge attack and spell hits, but since it doesn't move it's not practical in most situations.

Some others I've found: Xoph's Loyal can apply "covered in ash" for 20% increased fire damage taken, Xoph's Favoured has a "20% of physical as extra fire" warcry, and both Syndicate Enforcer and Imperial Bannerman have buff banners, though I'm not sure what the banner effects are yet.

Scale of Esh Spectres -

Turong Spectres - (holy blue balls! :D)

Baranite Sister Spectres -

Baranite Thaumaturge Spectres -

Frosal Synthete Spectres -

Scinteel Synthete Spectres -

Mindweave Sentinel Spectres -

Flaric Synthete Spectres -
[quote="Qarl"]Fixed a bug where occasionally Fairgraves, Neverdying never dies[/quote]
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Thank you 009, I was wondering if someone had tackled this yet.
I am already using the Baranite Preacher, they are a bit slow but hit for a lot of damage.
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Great spreadsheet. Only thing needed is to lock the top rows so that when scrolling the column headings don't scroll off the screen.
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i can only say that dont use "hunting party" or those special chimerals for the poison dude affected maps :)

btw, if you wanna "quickly" test spectres, equip enoug gear that you can have 5 of them.

then raise 5 different ones that you wanna test.

as long as your hideout dont get resetted, you can then raise 5 of the each type and then swap after you are disapointed.

in the end you go back to slave drivers anyway :P
You Only Level Once d:-D*
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I tried Baranite Thaumathurgists - they are tanky as hell, have huge single target damage potential (nuke), naturally large aggro range with decent "AI" and horrible clear speed due to long cooldowns

Not sure if Slave Drivers still have more average DPS and better clear .. sigh.
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Updated the follow-up comment with new spectre showcase videos.
[quote="Qarl"]Fixed a bug where occasionally Fairgraves, Neverdying never dies[/quote]
Thank you!
Interesting, thanks.

I'm pushing my spectres into support role for zombies/golems so this will come in handy.

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