[3.10] WIP Theory Craft - Archmage Stormbrand 3.4 million Shaper DPS

This is a build ive been tinkering with that has a estimated 1.8mill Shaper dps per brand pre-attachment buffs that boasts a usable 7k mana, 4k life, and 1.5k ES MoM inquisitor (ideally ~10k eHP), full elemental ailment immunity with Es and HP leech, and decent movement speed, this is nothing super tanky but can certainly hold its own, ideally you cast brands once itll repeat a few times with pledge of hands then hold down brand recall while you sprint through the map poppin mana and hp flasks to keep yourself alive. Very low budget gear, possibly SSF and League start.
Disclaimer: at this point this is purely theory crafted, i am in the process of leveling it and will provide feedback as i go. suggestions, comments and questions are welcome.

PoB: https://pastebin.com/rfJmKJtY

PS: the mana cost for a cast of brand is actually insane, thus why we spam recall instead.
Last bumped on Mar 21, 2020, 8:27:55 AM

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