No Damage with my current Build

Hello Community,

I have a Flicker Strike build I am following from Youtube.
Here is the PoB:

Here is my current PoB:

The Weapons are not the same, but the rest of my items is as similar as possible, but still the other build does almost 10x more damage than I do with my build.
Can you help me locate the problem?

Last bumped on Mar 19, 2020, 11:43:16 AM
1. Missing skill tree passives.
2. Missing Uber lab ascendancy points.
3. Lower dps weapons.
4. Missing added physical damage on gear.
5. Missing 21/20 gems.
6. Using Atziri's Promise instead of Sin's Rebirth.
7. Jewels are different (didn't test the difference between attack speed and multiplier, but removing them equalized stuff).
8. All the enabled options in the Configuration panel for him (none for you).

By adding to your build or removing from his in order to balance those stats, I managed to get your DPS to be 875k while his became 924k.
I might be an asshole, but at least I am toxic.
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Hi, Thank you very much for your help, I will look into it and upgrade my gear accordingly. Have a nice day and be safe

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