[3.10] LL-Storm brand (the come back?)

Wrong topic ! It's a Templar -> Hierophant !

I started PoE long time ago but just started to stream !
I mostly like theory crafting so I'm ok to answer and help out !
You can follow me here ! Will help me a lot, I stream in french but can swap to english if you join live :


I'll try make better post than this in the future

I totaly swap from another build so I dont have video yet !

Concept : Brand skill and debuff with arc ! Will mabye change in futur for arc !
With the 2 new Cluster perk you can have 3 + 2 from tree + 2 from perk = 7 brand
Donno if it's overkill maybe a bit ! But you gain 15% more damage per brand on the enemies (10% form ascendency and 5% on perk from cluster)

Pastebin : https://pastebin.com/BSFf2BWU

With this you'll have approx 500/600K on a single target

I'll update this real fast should be running map in less than 1 day !
If you wanna try it! I'll be glad to have your feed back !
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