Snipe (from Assailum) - 165%/120% more dmg per stage (Hits/Ailments), ~75% more attack speed

[quote="Qarl"]Fixed a bug where occasionally Fairgraves, Neverdying never dies[/quote]
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Sounds very strong.
Support gems are around 50% damage multiplier
1 attack is roughly 100% damage.
2 attacks are 200% damage
3 attacks are 300% (equal value with a well choosed support)
4 attacks are 400% (33% multiplier, not as strong as a "perfect" support)

3 attacks and 1 support gives roughly 450% multiplier. Which is roughly between the power level of a 5 link and a 6 link.

However supports tend to specialize skills into one role, whereas multiple attacks tend to add versatility.

Considering the utility AND the nutty damage bonuses, this looks nuts.
Seeing how it scales up ailment damage so much it screams Puncture to me all over..

I found one of these from my 1st Simulacrum in SSF and am now considering using it somewhere
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Picked one up and slotted it into my puncture build. Damage seems better than Puncture in a 6l, but the playstyle is sufficiently clunky to turn me off it. Not enough reward for the risk of standing still for a couple seconds.

I could see using it really early on in a league before you have a 6l, specifically for one-shotting bosses or bosses with phases.
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I've been using it with my bleed puncture gladiator and I personally love the high risk high reward style of this skill.. yeah you gotta stay put and aim for a while but the damage goes trough the roof if you nail your shot.

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