[3.10][WIP] Yoda's SkelePop Dark Pact Occultist

Hello, this my first time writing a guide so it's gonna be rough i'm open to any changes in the pathing or what gem links to use.

this build uses spellslinger to get around the clunky mechanic of dark pact whether you self cast or need to summon skeletons first with the new spellslinger gem with cast both at the same time.

with curse on hit we get the occultist famous POP!!

the build now is COC dark pact and spellslinger for the skeletons
Sry for the slow updates been dealing with alot

current Pob:

Pob(no gear/full gems links atm still working on it)

using spiritual aid
tried not going for minion nods not a big difference

current gear

day 1 delirium

didn't play as much as i would like , gonna try to get to maps today and update you guys

day 2 delirium

got better gear didn't die about to finish act 8

gear day 2

potential end-game gear

gem links

dark pact links

There is 2 options for skeletons

option 1
summon skeletons->minion life->empower->spellslinger

option 2

summon skeletons->minion life->empower in a poet's pen

wither links

wither->spell totem->multi totem support

i apply curses atm using spellslinger as a budget u can get assassin mark on hit ring

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how's it going so far? :P
xFayeFaye wrote:
how's it going so far? :P

been pretty good gonna try to post some mapping vids today just need to upload them
Question, How are you triggering dark pact and skeletons with spell slinger?

Edit: Nvm i see it. Frenzy
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nice, I had the same idea and I was debating between occultist and assassin and ended up choosing assassin. Just got the main setup working after I got a tabula and so far it's pretty impressive how much this setup shreds leveling content. Gonna try to get some apep's rages..
I'm in early maps with dual obliterations and just normal and cruel labs done. Got the poison ascendency and mistwalker, damage is great for clear but single target is lacking.

I currently have the dark pact spell slinger setup in the tabula and the skeletons in a +2 to minion gems helm with minion life. Mana reservation is a real problem with this sort of setup; if I could have my 4L bladevortex in AoE gloves with another spellslinger, my single target would be great, but there's no way I can reserve that much. So right now I just have a 4L BV setup as self-cast with unleash. I also have unlinked frenzy and power siphon to get power and frenzy charges but that's clunky AF.

I'm starting to think that a bladeblast-focused poison delivery build with spellslinger on both bladefall, BV, and maybe bladeblast on self-cast would be better but not sure yet. That'd be a pretty different tree since I've gotten quite a few minion life nodes already...

I think this whole idea might be kinda SoL because dark pact is already an insanely fast spell, casting-wise, so supporting it with spellslinger just doesn't make all that much sense. Gonna try to push it a bit further before I decide that for reals though.

I will say it's incredibly fun to see "big" poisons instead of just lots of tiny ones.
Heya guys,

I've been struggling with a build like that, have been itching for some dark pact POP action since forever.

So I rolled occultist and tried a few setups.

First thing I noticed, DP with spellslinger falls way behind in damage. And with the other setup - skellies + spellslinger, your mana will be almost gone. No place for heralds or auras unless some serious reservation shenanigans ( if the new jewels allow it )

So, what I ended up doing - which is in no way a solution regarding the matter of clunkinness I expected - was to remove spellslinger from DP and the damage skyrocketed.

Now I shoot out skellies fast, then pop the pact and the packs explode. Bosses go down in seconds. And I have free mana for zealotry, and could squeeze in some HoI for clear, if I put my mind to it.

But the big issue is survivability. This game has gotten to the point where the mere delay between casting one spell and then the other would get you killed. The delirium mobs, INSTANTLY teleporting on my face with insane 1-shots are just absurd. And even if i manage to cast skellies at my feet and run away, the mobs are glued to my face, having another split for insane 1-shot potential.

Haven't migrated to ES yet, and leech is almost non-existent atm, hoping this would solve some problems. Yet, I feel it's a no-no even with big brain gear and setups, solely because you have to cast two different things ... and it's all about autombombers and CoC's and 1-click offscreens now. :/

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