[3.10] Shield Charge League starter \\ Cheep \\ High DPS \\ HC Version

Gem setup

Main setup:

5L add

6L add

Shield setup:

Helmet setup:

Gloves setup:

Required Gears

Prismatic Eclipse

Main left-hand weapon. You need 3 green sockets.

Good shield. Can block magic damage and buff your auras (+2 level of socketed gems)

New Delirium league uniq. Give you the possibility to get 2 banners which give you a lot of damage

Recomended Gear




All other slots you need hp and res.

Gear after killing Kitava in 10 act


HC version:

Cluster passives

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POB updated 16.03.2020

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Have you tested this before? I like its high block chance but, can this build actually survive without leech? Your PoB doesn't have any leech nodes and the proposed great doesn't provide much survival.
Little advice for starting, if u don't have Perfidy, use Unstoppable hero instead of Inspirational
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