Shockwave Totem cast range is way too high

Since Astral Projector exist the totem should have its range reduced, current 100 units is just ridiculous, it doesn't fit in the basic "rules" of the game
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the shockwave totem range is not so big as Glacial cascade + Mines or Ball Lightning + Mines ( Tested in Standard sarn arena ) and Icestorm + Hierophant ( Tested in League )
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Yes GC is busted but we are not talking about GC.

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Shockwave Totems hitting offscreen, being a problem in PvP. Wow we've come so far. We've gone from babies first PvP game, to fetuses being able to rank and now sperms. GGG has that casual PvP attention to detail on point. "At GGG it is our mission that everyone that sucks stand up and walk with chest puffed arms flexed and nose to the sky like they rule, this world is an illusion after all exile."

GGG, the ADA of gaming....huuuur i gotz mai skilz.
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Waa waa

Most of You guys don’t even PVP and you complain.
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Aodui wrote:

Can we get 80% less damage from sources off screen?

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Testing the build ATM and I think Totems should not be able to kill when the player is dead.

I don t know why this is ok when Minions like golems and SRS can t.


totems should deal 0 damage when player dies.

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how are you gonna define offscreen?

1920 x 1080?
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It's already defined. The game does not allow you to use a skill if mouse pointer is placed outside of 16:9 screen width.

Take a look, anything that goes farther than 85 units is offscreen, the active zone is 85? units circle around the character, this is why you can't cast spells while clicking on top left/right corners of the screen.

150 units is projectile maximum travel distance, the totem can aim at 100 units and you can easily scale it's radius to 60+ units.
It can "see" evenly at any direction, it can aim from top to bottom direction at triple distance compare to a player. it can deal damage at range more than 150 units…
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