[3.10] Cold To Fire Shield Charge Ascendant (SSF, Delve)

Link to the Archived Guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2627084

I created this guide (above) in 3.7 and it has been archived, so I am linking to it. New notables from Cluster Jewels and double attack radius are going to make this a really great clear speed option, and very hard to kill (high armor, plus Molten Shell).

It was really bad at bosses in 3.7 though, and probably even worse in 3.10. Would love it if somebody can come up with a way to improve the boss killing capabilities.
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I read through the archive and the build seems interesting. Considering this as my build for league but I won't be doing SSF so hopefully it'll be easier.

Confused about the cold/fire conversion. Can you explain the conversions between hrimsorrow vs without because you get rid of those gloves at the end and avatar of fire.

Wondering why not go full fire, w/ vulconus dagger and avatar of fire.

I didn't understand the conversion and it felt like it wasn't doing full conversion for 100% dmg which is why I'm thinking full conversion to fire.

My initial 3.10 thoughts

- With the new added radius, maybe it's worth explore using concentrated effect support. hopefully clear will be just as good and it helps w/ the boss. esp if cold to fire is not needed anymore.

- new lone messenger notable - good for linking herald? esp if cold is not needed (hatred)? i'm not familiar with linking heralds but i've seen people do it.

Bunch of nice new notables for sure shield wise.

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I will try to illustrate the conversion:

100% Physical
--50% Fire (Avatar of Fire)
--50% Cold (Hrimsorrow)
----50% Fire (Avatar of Fire)
----50% Fire (Cold To Fire)
------= 100% of Physical eventually converted to fire

I ended that league taking one of the ranger nodes for Cold Conversion and crafting cold conversion on gloves instead of Hrimsorrow. The result is the same, but you get to wear actual decent gloves.

In my mind, the reason for using CTF is that it scales all of your cold damage twice. There are enough sources of Physical Added as Cold in the game to get a decent amount of it (Shaper Amulet, Shaper weapon or princess, Hatred, surely others).

It might be an SSF reason for doing it, and you may be able to scale better in trade with better gear choices. Looking back, the build definitely moves fast and is tanky. So far those seem valuable assets in this league.
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