[3.10] Theory build: CI Pure Physical Kinetic Bolt Occultist

Key skill links
Kinetic bolt--energy leech--vicious project--barrage--impale--damage on full life
Spellslinger--assassin's mark--projectile weakness
Herald of purity, discipline, dread banner, precision

Profane bloom, Malediction, Forbidden power, Vile Bastion

Keystone passives
CI and Wicked Ward

Possible key gears
High pdps Wand with chance to impale
Circle of guilt
Crown of the inward eye

Passive tree
Hard to predict now, but should mainly about crit chance/multiplier, spell damage, power charge, energy shield, and the big wand ring. The cluster jewel with impale chance is very promising.

Possible issues
Strength and dexterity requirement, mana sustain.

PS: according to the announcement, "Spellslinger sets the reservation cost of linked spells to 15% of your maximum mana". Does this mean each spell skill will reserve 15%?
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I think with attack builds leech is probably a better way to sustain then ES recharge. Wicked Ward has a penalty to leech recovery so I'd drop wicked ward and pick ghost reaver (maximum ES recovery is doubled) instead. You are all ready running ES leech gem so may as well go all in on leech then mix and match With recharge.

I hadn't really thought about impale to scale damage I never thought of using impale with projectiles before but I suppose it could work.

My ideas for scaling would be through crit and crit multi. I think with the way kinetic bolt benefits from spell damage power charge stacking should give good damage boost. % increased spell damage per power charge and similar should apply to kinetic bolt damage. If you can get 8 or 9 charges into build good chunk of damage that way.

Curse on hit rings/gloves are probably better than spellslinger as then you can save on mana reservation and run a better aura like pride which opens up some watchers eyes as well.

My understanding is running 2 curses with spellslinger reserves 30%. Which is a bit too high.
Hoping for some updates to this, looks interesting :D
I was thinking of using spellslinger for other spells like bladefall, then dual wield Obliteration wands and focus on Phys and Chaos damage.
Any opinions?
I was thinking of using spellslinger for other spells like bladefall, then dual wield Obliteration wands and focus on Phys and Chaos damage.
Deciding between Occultist or Assassin though
Any opinions?
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I am also interested in Kinetic Bolt, Occultist and Assassin.

Assassin would probably be able to get much much higher damage to do bonuses with Power charges (crit, crit multi), and with additional passive nodes this gap would only increase.

I would most likely try going CI with a shield at some point, unless going dual-wield wands is much higher damage.

Does Spellslinger add damage from both wands or? Not sure how this works.
Spellslinger will have to wait until patch notes.
I'm more into Occultist because its more defensive and would help with the chance to explode mobs to do more damage
This is Tree I am thinking about I have kept the tree at level 80 to allow running Cluster Jewels if I get a good one:

This build is scaling damage mostly through Crit Multi and stacking power charges.


This is a level 80 tree on essentially a naked character (Piscators, Crown of Eyes and a crit multi amulet are there as placeholders) with no flasks or jewels. So keep that in mind and don't judge me to harshly lol. In New patch crown of eyes effect is available on tree.

Idea being I would anoint the Overcharge node (to get 7 Power Charges) and save on travel to that side of tree.

For the two curses I plan on linking them to Spellslinger support (which should reserve 30%). If/When I get curse on hit Ring/Gloves I can run additional aura instead (probably another herald, or possibly defensive aura like flesh and stone).

Chase Unique items would be stuff like:

Auxium Belt (175% Increased Ele attack damage @ 7 Power charges and good chunk of ES)
Incandescent Heart
Dying Sun
Thunderfist gloves

A good wand will do a lot for damage as well.
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I was building on a CI Occultist Kinetic Bolt too.
The same keystones would i choose too.

Focus on block,crit,ES, power charge

Ghost Reaver
Zealot`s Oath
Minion Instabily (chance via Lethal Pride to Glacing Blows)

Two Energy From Within

Watcher`s Eye
Gain (12-18)% of Maximum Mana as Extra Maximum Energy Shield while affected by Clarity
+(20-30) Energy Shield gained for each Enemy Hit while affected by DisciplineDisciplin

Crown of Eyes
Elder shield regenerate ES for a Block
Elder Body ES on kill
Call of the Brotherhood
Wand with cast on use a spell

Auto Bomber
Herald of Ice and Thunder curse on hit Elementel weaknes

wand with assasins mark, projektiel weaknes

cast damage taken immortal call increased skill Duration

Kinetic bolt, energy leach, Added Lightning Damage Support,
Increased Critical Strikes Support,Concentrated Effect Support,Damage on Full Life Support

But hell i was every time a bad talent Builder
Why you want wear a Crown of eyes?

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