3.10 NomNom's Galvanic Arrow Raider 14MIL shaper DPS ALL CONTENT

First of all go and download pob if you dont have it (Just google it). If you have pob go tohttps://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/deon82/localidentitys_path_of_building_v141514_fork/ and update your pob to pob fork.
Here is a guide on how to do it https://imgur.com/a/di4ZzOG
It will give you much more accurate dps and more convenience

3.10 Changes
Elusive now grants 15% chance to dodge spells and attacks (from 20%)
Flame dash has slightly increased cooldown
Pretty much nothing changed except elusive is somewhat less usefull now

I will update the guide as i play, testing new cluster jewels but the build is still solid without them so i dont see much reason to do so.

82 Conqueror


Incredible shaper DPS
Incredible clear speed
Can do all content
Galvanic arrow is a cool skill
Improves a lot with more currency

Even the budget version is somewhat expensive because tamings
Cant do ele reflect and phys reflect maps
Squishy. Aka " Not a relaxing afk build"
Managing stats can be annoying
Lightning arrow will push your gpu to its limits

No awakened added lightning damage
The Tempest
No watcher's eye
Cinderswallow without crit
Diamond flask instead of bottled faith
Random gloves with resistances and life
Darkray Vectors
Random belt with resistances and life
Hyrri's Demise
5 link Inpulsa's
I forgot to add curse on hit setup on this version in the video so make sure to do that ( Curse on hit explained in "gem explanation")

Budget version gear

(Fire damage is for the cinderswallow urn bonus)

This build is based on galvanic arrow for single target and lightning arrow for clear speed

Damage is way higher than it looks on pob, because galvanic arrow hits once with the cone and once with the arrow thus it hits twice per arrow count.
To get the actual dps, multiply the dps number on pob fork with two.

For Gems see "PoB and My gear"
Pantheons: Soul of the brine king and soul of the shakari
Bandits: Help alira for the crit multiplier and resistances


You can use The Tempest and it will still be great but if you can get a bow with at least 1.4 attack speed and 7.5 crit chance with t1 lightning damage on it it will be better. They are usually very cheap so only real money spend on our weapon is 6-linking it.
For crafting i suggest using the Spine Bow base as it has the best crit chance to attack speed ratio. Since we dont convert a lot of phys damage to elemental damage, physical damage of the bow doesnt matter for us.

For the rich ones out there the dream bow would be:

Spine Bow
Socketed skills deal %20 more attack damage
Adds 11-30 to 348-394 lightning damage to attacks
Damage penetrates 12-15 lightning resistance
11-13 increased attack speed
35-38 increased critical strike chance
35-38 to global critical strike multiplier

This bow above gives you about 80 to 90 percent more damage over The Tempest but it is very VERY hard to get.
Example bows:

Look for a Spike-point arrow quiver with life, Bow attacks fire an additional arrow, critical strike multiplier and critical strike chance

As a budget option you can use Hyrri's Demise


Inpulsa's Broken Heart is an excellent option.
If you are not capped on crit chance and you got money to spare, an armour with: Life, Killed enemies explode and crit chance to attacks will be better but dont worry if you cant afford that since Inpulsa's is very good.
Explode is not absolutely necessary here but it is really useful for clear speed and you will never ever die to corpse explosions again!
As a more defensive option you can use daresso's defiance. Since we dont get hit much thanks to evasion and dodge you will have almost permanent endurance charges in places it matters like delve and clearing maps.

Helmet: A rare helmet with nearby enemies have -9 to lightning resistance and life is the best
( You dont need aspect of the cat as we dont use it) Starkonja's is also great

Gloves:If you link conductivity to your wave of conviction link the curse on hit is not necessary. Critical strike chance to attacks is also good if you are not capped already

Boots: Nothing beats Tailwind and elusive is really good since it will give you up to 20% chance to evade attacks and spells

Darkray vectors is a good option also


Taming's are pretty much best in slot for dps here because our skitterbots will shock the enemy and getting just 1 point of fire damage is enough to ignite, thus we get almost full benefit from it. Get 2 Tamings and you are golden. If you want more life just go with an assasins mark ring with mark of the elder and a resistance belt althought you will lose dps.

all three are great options
For min-maxing purposes a rare amulet with crit chance crit multi and life is about the same dps and will give you life on top of it
What to allocate?: If you have the money for two golden oils and a silver oil allocate constution for sure. For two silver oils and a black oil you can allocate Discipline and Training which still gives you tons of life. As a more budget option you can allocate static blows, or farsight if you dont have 100% hit chance

Because we get a lot of resistances from tamings we can take the offensive route here


Instant recovery and bleed removal are necessary

No money? No problem. Use a diamond flask instead. They are very close in terms of DPS

This one is very good since it gives us two more projectiles thus we hit 4 more times. ( Explained at the start of the guide) Look for reduced charges used so you can use it twice.

Get one with critical strike chance

All you need is curse removal here


We use this to turn claw nodes into bow nodes because it is really efficient. Claw nodes from it will also give you life-mana leech and chance to blind enemies.

Just look for Damage penetrates lightning resistance while affected by wrath on this

All you need on this is chance to intimidate
Chance to deal double damage is also good
Strength from it will also help you use a higher level steelskin which is a big improvement to survivability

Passive Tree and Ascendancy

Go avatar of slaughter then Avatar of the veil

PoB and My Gear

PoB pastebin link: https://pastebin.com/mLFwHjHX
On the bottom left of the tree window you can choose between level 93 and 100 passive tree

My Gear:

Gem Explanation

Barrage support: Barrage support is absolutely necessary here because it causes a "shotgun" effect for the galvanic arrow so it hits more times

Summon Skitterbots: Skitterbots give 15% base shock which means 15% increased damage taken by the enemy. We have a lot of shock effect increase which bumps up our shock damage increase to around 30%.

Precision: We use high level precision because precision gives us accuracy. Getting 100% hit chance will maximize our dps. And added crit chance is nice too.

Wrath: Nothing to explain here. It gives you more damage.

Enlighten support: This can be expensive especially at the start of the league.It will make your skills reserve less mana. If you cant get this just use lower level precision until you feel confortable with the amount of mana you have.Get an enlighten as soon as possible though.

Inspiration support: Makes our skills cost less mana and gives us more crit chance and elemental damage.
If you dont have mana problems you can use hypothermia over inspiration. It will give you slightly more damage

Cast when damage taken and steelskin: Some kind of CWDT setup is necessary for all builds because it will give you free defences basically.
If you dont have lethal pride you are gonna struggle to get steelskin to level 18 because of the strength requirement. So if you dont have enought strength for a level 16-18 steelskin just use level 1 CWDT and level 1 immortal call.

Flame dash: One of the best movement skills imo

Wave of conviction: Reduces enemy lightning resistance by 25%. It will be very usefull when you are lacking damage. If you dont have any kind of curse on hit, link conductivity or elemental weakness with curse on hit support so when you cast it you will also curse the enemy. You can drop Vaal Haste and Vaal grace to do it.

If you want a more defensive setup you can drop wrath or skitterbots and get aspect of the crab(and some herald in case of dropping wrath). But this will result in about 20-25% dps loss. You will still have enoguh dps to do everything confortably though.


Why not use barrage instead for single target?
Galvanic arrow is the same dps and is cooler

Why raider?
Frenzy charges are broken
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Probably the only time some of those uniques will be used, looks great though. 4.5k life is REALLY low. Videos would be interesting, too. Galvanic arrow likely won't be nerfed, either.
Really nice build and well explained. I am planning on starting one. I got fully geared iceshot deadeye but i am kinda tired of the same animations. I am just little worried about the deffense on this type of build. Iceshot deadeye I leveled to 95 with around 3.8-4k hp, but freezing provides quite a lot of deffense while having similar numbers, so i wonder it will perform. I guess I will just have to test it myself.
can you put the pastebing directly please?
bwoy666 wrote:
can you put the pastebing directly please?

Im not sure what you mean but if you are referring to the pob code it is way too long to put here just open it on pastebin and copy it if you cant use pastebin on pob for some reason
What about Voltaxic Rift unique bow?
Is it a DPS upgrade from the tempest without investing in poison?
Manowhite wrote:
What about Voltaxic Rift unique bow?
Is it a DPS upgrade from the tempest without investing in poison?

Voltaxic rift is terrible for this build. If you want to use voltaxic rift with galvanic arrow you should go for the eternity shroud. Which is pretty much a completely different build
Im not sure what you mean by investing in poison since we are not a dot build
This will be my league starter. Build looks exactly like what I was looking for.
Arcimis wrote:
This will be my league starter. Build looks exactly like what I was looking for.

Im happpy to see that!

Thinking of trying this out if my PS4 pro can handle it but had one question.

You mention added fire damage in the post and other than wave of conviction I can't see where you would get it. What are we supposed to do to ensure we can ignite or is that taken care of by wave?



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