[3.12] Experimental base Magma orb (updated)



I just wanted to present you my league starter.

Initial plans and planning


I will link the pastebin here. https://pastebin.com/9FLKJCJn (UPDATED 12/03/20)

The tree choice

I put in 3 trees. One is a level 89 tree that i will be doing first. The reason is that it has more damage on the tree and it's less reliant on jewels, it's a 197% with 0.8 mil shaper dps.

The second tree is a late game tree. It's level 86 so i will be able to use 1 wheel from the new content, expecially im looking forward to split personality and follow-throught.
In late i will be scaling more dmg on gear and jewels.

To get there i will level with burning arrow because i can use herald of ash, wrath and gmp, taking all 8 proj nodes around my starting point, and respeccing them later. I will swap to magma orb as soon as i rush to elemetal overload, as you can see in the last tree.

The jewels

We will have 6 sockets. 2 for the mandatory Inevitability, 1 for watcher's eye, and 1 for Brutal Restraint in the spot of Paint Attunement to get the Wind Dancer passive which is very strong imho, 1 socket is for Follow-Through, and the last one for Split Personality.

For annointments i don't really need anything. One obvious option is Constitution, the others are Dark Arts or Fleetfoot.



The build revolves around a pair of Shade of solaris. I play elemental overload so there's that, but also they give ele dmg as extra chaos which is so good because we dont play fire pen, since a good part of our dmg is chaos anyway (gloomfang).

Magma orb chains 8 times with this build, so gloomfang will grant 160% ele dmg as chaos per chain in total. The first bounces doing mostly fire dmg, and the last mostly chaos.
Our ascendency will also grant 80% more dmg for each chain scaling from fist to last, so it will balance out and equalize the dmg of gloomfang, capping the dmg around 3 chains

We dont need to play slower proj sice all chains do around the same dmg on this build. And also slower proj is just lame and "slow" XD

Other items that grant chain that are mandatory are the helmet enchant for +2 chains and the Snakepit for +1 chain.

Gloves boots ring and belt are there to fill resist, hp, and mana sustain if you go for a 6l.

For flasks i'll be playing dying sun (new div card pog!) the reason is that i dont want to play with gmp. this flask will be up 100% of the time while clearing, and that's where additional proj are needed. For bossing we can ignore it. With this flask i'll have a total of 6projectiles: 2 from jewels,1 from ascendency, 1 from skill, 2 from this flask.

Atziri's promise is a good budget option since once again we want ele as extra chaos as a way to scale our dmg, and good chaos leech to counter the gloomfang downside.
You can go cindeswallow urn later o if you feel like it, but that's not mandatory.

Let's talk about the chest! I would love to play with Kintsugi, but we need magma orb on chest and that's 5 or 6 blue sockets, and that's too much off colour. To get around this i chose an Atziri's Splendour for some evasion, life, and resist while having a good chance to roll 5 blu sockets. It also provide good sustain while clearing mobs.
This is not mandatory but it's impossible to have better choices with the same investment.



Early on i will play with lmp, spell echo, controlled des and ele focus
After getting the Dying sun, i will drop lmp for conc effect if i dont get fked on clear. Awakened added chaos level5 is an option too since magma orb has 140% effectiveness of added dmg.

Fire pen is better early on, but vs shaper added chaos does more dmg around the 3rd chain.

I don't focus more on fire pen because we do alot of chaos dmg with Shade of Solaris and Gloomfang, so it's not that worth to stack it.

The other skills are self explanatory.
Just want to make wave of conviction setup clear: every 4 seconds we get hit by Wind Dancer (Timeless jewel). We mitigate that damage with steelskin and we proc wave of conviction which gives fire exposure and has 70% chance to ignite. Since we play ele focus on magma orb this is the only skill that ignites. if it does it will prolif and it will give enemies -19% to fire res from combustion which will further increase our dmg.

Problems and downsides i'll have to face
This build doesn't shatter, so corpses can be a problem.
When i'll get a 6l, mana will be an issue, but only vs bosses, since vs mobs i'll have my chest to help me sustain. I can resolve with some mana cost reduced on my ring, or with a watcher's eye clarity. Or maybe i won't have problems at all.

Budged based on mandatory items

x2 wands: 20cx2=40c (good rolls)
helm enchant: 40c
jewels, gloomfang and snakepit: 10c all good rolls
chest: 5c
5links: 25/15c prophecy depending on time.

Dyng sun is a strong option but not mandatory, i will try to farm the new div cards. You dont need it for bossing tho, so it doesn't count.
The same goes for cinderswallow over atziri's flask. Up to you.

Soon after the start i realized the content was 1shotting me. It got patched but in the meantime i already had spent 30 regrets to respec the tree into a even tankier route, going for Iron reflexes. It was easier for socket colours too.

6800 life (split personality doesnt count) and 1m shaper dps. I took down all guardians and sirius level4 for now. Clearing t14/16 with ease.

Pro of the build: very tanky and huge dmg potential with overlapping aoe effects, possibly doubling your effective dps. Very good for clearing huge packs of monsters in open fields.

Cons: kinda slow in non-linear maps. You need to think alot when to pre-fire you magma orbs, meaning it's faster clear when you case even if you dont see the enemy yet, in some cases.

How to fight bosses: cast once or twice and then flame dash. Your max dmg output is around the 3rd chain (bounce)

I'm very happy with this build, and today i got the gg gloves!!!
At this point the changes i'll do will be very little to my build, and i'm already thinking of a full ambidextry jewels double strike glad. So this will possibly be the final build. and the final gear.


EXPERIMENTAL BASES ARE HERE! And they solve alot of this build problems. No more travelling the whole tree for elemental overload, we can go creazy with cluster jewels while reteining still 184% life from tree.

GGG nerfed my last build but i come back with a stronger one. They destroyed the jewels so now we have to play with Beltimber blade for the extra 2 proj, for a total of 4 proj used both to clear and for single target, freeing us unce again from gmp or similar.

Gloomfang was actually buffed for this build since our max damage is now on the second "bounce" aka "chain".

Last time i played this build i had mana problems. Well... no more! This time i will go for Blood magic and vaal pact to sustain the high mana costs of magma orb.

The build does around 2M dps per orb, so with the double magma orb overlap it will deal 4M dps. (if you dont trust me watch this guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msPOzx8eFow&ab_channel=ZiggyDGaming)

Jump around fast with leap slam with tailwind and fortify for the defence.

Just level with a mana flask and toxic rain untill you get the Richchet node from the ascendency, then the damage should be good enough.

Since we take alot of strenght points dual wielding doon cuebiyari is an option since we get so much flat damage from our ascendency the best way to scale that damage is with cast speed. They cost around 2c at the start of the league.

Command of the pit is for arcane surge.

Get the 6L chainmail with the div card Emperor of Purity. For lategame i sugget the explode chest since we lack herald of ash.

This is my plan for this league. I had in mind to start with galvanic arrow but i wanted to make this build perfect so i changed.


The buil is super fast and powerful but i got kinda bored, so i-ll swap to a champ galvanic arrow chin sol. This is my gear now.

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Just a quick edit.

In my passive tree i left 2 spots for the new jewel clusters. Now that clusters have been revealed i'd say that probably i'll be looking forword to:

SPLIT PERSONALITY https://i.imgur.com/ce76wO0.png

and FOLLOW THROUGH https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2783927

Since we play with 8 chains, that's 120% increased proj dmg on the first chain. It's not super good but it's not bad either.

I'm also considering The consuming dark for levelling since it's a 1alch wepon that can ramp us to the 21level +1 chain on magma orb.

Also, probably i'm annointing Dark Arts.

At this point the biggest dps increase will be for cast speed, i'll be looking for it in my gear.
I think I'm going to try this one out. I'm not 100% sure on the tree yet, but really only Follow Through seems worthwhile. I'm not sure about Split Personality (I don't really understand it).

What is your skill linking going to look like while leveling?

I think I will start with toxic rain or CA and then switch to Magma orb once I get ricochet from the Merciless lab.

As for mana problems, I think an enduring mana flask, clarity, and ring mods should make it entirely manageable.

Is there a reason you use ele proliferation as opposed to ignite proliferation on your WoC 4L?
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Realy good uuild, im going for the inquisitor version of it and seeing your build helps me a litle to consider some things like jewels/rings/etc.
Keep it up, GL!
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Thx for this build :) Im gonna try this in the incoming league. What do you think about single target in this build? Will be enough for bosses like Sirus and Uber Elder?
With a full gear you will have from 0.8 to 1.4 mil shaper dps, if you have a 6l possibly even more.

Let's say you have 1m dps. That is dmg PER BOUNCE. Magma orb has an aoe effect so it' might overlap greatly increasing your dps (doubling it). Let's say worst case scenario you never overlap, so let's stick with 1mil shaper dps.

Uber elder has 48 096 435 hp (like shaper) so you will need around 1 minute to kill him, 2 for both. Let's say 3/4 min per encounter. It should be easy.

Sirus has more hp but let's say you need 5min.

The only problem with this build is that if you go for a 6l chest the mana cost of magma orb will be kinda high so i don't know if you will be able to sustain it on single target, because on maps you don't have problems if you use the chest i raccomanded.

At that point you might need to cut 1 aura for clarity, or simply go for a mana flask.

But still your dps should be enough to kill everything.

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Ele prolif is 99% better then ignite prolif because it gives chance to ignite and duration.

when wave of conviction goes off you really want to max you chances to ignite, expecially on single target, also the ignite duration is qol and increase the window for the fire res debuff.

Ignite dmg is irrelevant and 5 more radius on prolif is also irrelevant in most cases.

On levelling i also planned for CA, but since i wanna level herald of ash and anger and gmp, i think im going for burning arrow.

If you get a good mod on split personality it's a gg item.

Think about writhing jar instead of a life flask, since sinergize very well with atziri's splendour

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I'm looking into this build and might copy it as my leaguestarter. I decided to play Magma Orb. I was thinking about going MoM Hierophant with an early Sire of Shards staff. Unsure if crit & power charges or maybe even a non-crit Indigon build would work. And since I suck at creating own builds I might just copy your ideas.
Also Infernal Mantle could be a viable option for bosses since it'd give Magma Orb +1 level, making it lvl 21 = one more chain..?
When will you switch to Magma Orb from burning arrow?
After level 53 when i can dual wield the consuming dark. I'm expecting them to be 1alc each.

If they will cost more i'll just swap when i get ele overload. but if i find a good levelling bow i might swap even later

infernal mantle is bad and you get the +1fire gems from the consuming dark if you need it (or a random wand/shield). just pick an es/evasion base for levelling until you get the atziri's splendour.
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