[3.10] Ethereal Knives blade blast Assassin | Theory Crafting | WIP

Looking to get some input on a build I started on. The main roadblock right now is we don't know what blade blast looks like. My main thinking is Assassin ascendency for extra damage. A 6L staff & body armor, so both ethereal knives & blade blast would be self cast and scaled up in damage. Inquisitor is another ascendency that could be looked at for this as well.

PoB link: https://pastebin.com/tx3sK85P

Added a couple unique staves to the PoB, but a good crafted rare is something to be explored as well.

My main concerns with the tree is lack of defenses. I didn't set the items with super high rolls, the build sits with a little under 6k life, 4800 armor once granite flask is triggered.
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namikazemaru wrote:

Yeah I can see that working for sure. Just tired of playing Cyclone tbh :)
I also want to try EK Bladeblast, so you think Disintegrator could work with this? And /or Chieftain?
namikazemaru wrote:

wouldnt blafe fall be more effective then ek? or is ek base scaling going to out dps bladefall?

I was thinking of trying to trigger Bladefall with Spellslinger, using Obliterations to get the fat 25% life corpse explosions. Gotta wait to figure exactly how Spellslinger will work to really nail things down though. Reserving 80% of my mana for the proc skills will also be iffy. Maybe only 1 Obliteration and a shield to work on the shitty defenses. Perfect Agony and Deadly Ailments both lessen hit damage, IDK how gain-%phys-as-chaos works with that.

Wand Attack: Frenzy + Faster attacks + GMP
6L Dendrobate: Blade Blast + Bladefall + Spellslinger + Unbound Ailments + Deadly Ailments + Vile Toxins

Spell Cascade works great for blade generation via Bladefall, but would be useless for BladeBlast I think, since it inherently chains the explosions. So likely Vile Toxins, which is the better damage. I think Void Manipulation would be a trap here.


Crit cap
Power + Frenzy generation
%life damage
shoot many spells


No access to cluster jewels as built
Spellslinger might not feel smooth
4k life evasion build

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