This is only my build thought!
Hello, exiles! Since GGG released Blade Blast skill, i've got an idea:
- We use bladefall with a very big amount of blades as traps or mines and then we kaboooom all of the fallen blades. It seems like it has tons of dps.

Looking forward for your thoughts about it :)

Last bumped on Mar 5, 2020, 9:32:34 AM
my thoughts are....this is exactly what they want you to think

personally i feel like blade blast will be best used for animate weapon and as a support just to apply unnerve for any spell casting build
indeed, Blade Blast is meant as a support skill for the other Blade skills and from what i could make out for the footage the skills don't leave to much blades behind.

I think its best to make a good Bladefall build and just add Blade Blast and Animate weapon in as exstras.

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