[3.9] Magma Orb CwC | Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire!

Vroom vroom spin spin, fiyah?

+ Very Fast Clear speed
+ Speedy Boy
+ non-meta (21/23 gem was like 50c)
+ Anime AF
- Not the best boss dps
- Doesn't come online until ~70ish
- Can get quite expensive
- Cannot do Elemental reflect
- Not a League Starter

T16 Plateau

Path of Building

Required Item



Kaom's just makes you much tankier, I tried to craft my own chest which outputs more damage but missed a high life roll.
The best circle of anguish rings you can get are +fire while affected by ash and increased buff affect, but those are rather pricey so one of those with some nice implicits if fine for starting off.
Gloomfang in synergy with Deadeye ascendancies just outputs crazy damage.

Bought an iLvl 84 helm with Magma orb chains an additional 2 times, then a pristine+scorched fossil craft, hit this helm with +life in like 9 or so.

Try and get your life and resists here with high movespeed of course!

An alternate gloves would be Hands of the High Templar with +spell crit and ele weakness on hit.

Atziri's for that insane damage output.
Cinderswallow helps so much with keeping your mana up and tankiness with life/es regen.

Big boost with +crit multi and movespeed watchers eye.
Look for max life, %max life, %fire damage, +damage to spells, movement speed, Crit multi


Cyclone - Cast While Channelling - Magma Orb - Slower Projectiles - Fire Penetration - Elemental Focus

Wave of Conviction - Curse on Hit - Elemental Weakness - Faster Casting

Enlighten - Zealotry - Herald of Ash - Vaal Grace
Until you get the reduced mana reservered wheel, you wont be able to reserve all 4, don reserve grace and just use the vaal version when needed for survivability.

Vaal Righteous Fire - Increased Duration
Blood Rage
Flame Dash

Really nice with +multi watchers eye gem, can swap out faster casting or inc duration on vRf to fit in.

Levelling / Ascendencies

I Levelled from 12-68 with Blade Vortex triple herald, probably not the best but we got there. Praxis ring really helped with casting the spell with the mana reserved.

Bandits - Help alira
then eventually swap for eramir's book for 2 skill points, cinderswallow should be enough mana regen.

Ascendencies - Gathering wind -> Far shot -> Ricochet -> Endless munitions

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Looks really fun hahahha
Praise the meme orb build
the new notable: Follow-Through
Projectiles deal 15% increased Damage for each remaining Chain looks pretty juicy :o instantly searched for cwc magma orb builds after seeing that

what do you think? could the build spare some points to get that node?
topperzz wrote:
what do you think? could the build spare some points to get that node?

That does look like such a juicy notable, I haven't done much with looking into it, but initial thoughts are.

We have an outer jewel above acrobatics, and above the serpent stance wheel.

Could drop a few points here and there to give that a test.
Explosive impact / Revenge of the hunted / Some health nodes.

Could definitely be worth it with the right rolls on those cluster jewels to pump out some nice damage and stay tanky enough to not get one shot :D

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