[3.9] Make Elementalist Great Again: Infernal Blow Elementalist, with Video Showcases

We all know that the Saviour makes many cool builds, but I am just tired of stacking impales and the impale Watcher's eyes are just way too expensive. Then I decided to build around another "stacking" skill: infernal blow. Every attack you will get 66% of your damage stored and after 6 stacks you have a huge explosion. It also has a huge added fire damage (81 to 122 @ LVL 21), satisfying explosion (no worries about corpses too!), OK added damage efficiency (134.5% @ LVL 21) and low base mana cost (6 @ LVL21). It just matches extremely well with Elementalist and the Savior.

This is my first build post and I am sure a lot of things can be optimized here. So feel free to comment! I may not have time to reply though.....

BTW, please give some advice for golem survivability! Sometimes it is really annoying and I think that is the biggest drawback of this build.


- HUGE DPS, delete endgame bosses in few seconds.
- Fast mapping, one-shot whole packs.
- High life regen and physical damage reduction.
- Immune to elemental alignments

- Not a face tank build, although you delete most of the enemies before you need to tank.
- HP pool is not so big (~ 5k)
- Highly depending on golems, so sadly cannot do Siris
- Cannot do elemental reflect maps
- No regeneration maps could be tough

Please open with the online version of PoB, cause app version does not count golems correctly
DPS calculation: DPS * 1.66(Infernal Blow charge multiplier) * 2 (the Saviour)


Cause we need those sweet golems! With ascendency, passive node and Anima Stone, we can have 5 golems and each has 320% increased buff effect, which means: 1) 184% increased damage from flame golem and having 5 golems, 2) 37% increased attack speed from lightning golem, 3) 126% increased accuracy and crit chance from ice golem, 4) 441 life regen from stone golem, and 5) 16% physical damage reduction from chaos golem. Besides, elementalist also provides herald buff effect, reduced herald mana reservation and fire penetration, which works perfectly with herald of ash and herald of purity.

Mapping: Infernal Blow(21/23, it is cheap!)-->Multistrik-->Fortify-->Ele Damage with Attacks-->Melee Splash-->Ancestral Call
Swap Melee splash to elemental focus for normal bosses (if you don't have a white socket then melee physical damage), swap ancestral call to ruthless for some serious bosses. Feel free to use awakened version if you have currency

Inspiration support: it could be nice but right now I am using a -15 mana cost chest so the mana cost becomes 0 with inspiration, which means no inspiration charges can be generated. But if you do not have such a chest, I highly recommend using inspiration to cut the mana cost.

Rage support: added flat phys and rage effect are nice, but most times you just one shot a whole pack so it is not very efficient to stack rages.

Weapons: Leap Slam-->Faster Attack-->Endurance Charge on Melee Stun
Ancestral Protector, Vaal Ancestral Warchief, Blood Rage

Boots/helmet/gloves: Anger, Herald of Ash, Herald of Purity, Precision
Flame Golem, Ice Golem, Chaos Golem, Stone Golem
CWDT-->Wave of Conviction-->Combustion, Lighting Golem

Most of the skills are not required to be linked so you can adjust as you want.


Double your damage! Dual wield Paradoxcia if you can not affort it yet.

We have tons of added damage, so Paradoxica works very nice. Pick one depends on your financal status.

Added flat pyhs, crit multi, all attributes, what else can you ask for? (yes 15% phys as extra fire enchantment)

Both elder and hunter base can work here. Fossil craft -15 mana cost, attack crit chance and life. As I mentioned above, use inspiration support if you don't have -15 mana cost. A white socket is nice for gem-swapping.

Avater of fire, fire penatration, %life and cover enemies in ash. Perfect amulet.

I cannot affort the double offensive version yet, but 4% addtional phys reduction is nice too. It also provides some dexterity.

Assasin's mark on hit ring with life. You can use better ones if you have currency.

Fossil-crafted stygian vise.
Tips: use catalysts on a white base before you start crafting!

Added fire damage against burning enemies, dex and life are most important.

Tailwind is a huge boost, but one can live without it. Just look for resistance, life and movement speed if you cannot afford one.

The Anima Stone: one more golem.

Watcher's eye: phys as extra fire on Anger is nice and cheap. Add other modifiers if you have currency.

Mantra of Flames: we have 12(golems, auras, herald, blood rage, fortify and onslaught) buff on us! That is up to 60-144 added fire damage. And it is just so cheap XD.

For rare jewels look for %life, attack speed and crit multiplier.
Abyss eyes: accuracy, life and attack speed if crit recently


Flasks are not min-maxed yet =3


Help Alira


My current tree. (Yes I am just LVL 91.) I went to the shadow area mainly due to dexterity and life leech. But the life leech issue can be solved with the Lethal Pride modifier, so the tree can be modified for better survivability.


1) Liege of The Primordial
2) Elemancer
3) Pendulum of Destruction
4) Mastermind of Discord


Mapping: pop flasks and blood rage, jump into packs and watch them explode!

Bossing: drop protector and Vaal warchief, jump to it and delete it!


Actually this build is transformed from a failed Necro CwC from LVL 71 XD. But I think one can level with infernal blow.

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