[3.9] Bergerbrush's Exploding BV Assassin - Run & Screenwide Clear


For a 5-6 EX investment, you can run through T16 maps and watch packs of mobs explode by just touching 1 mob as you run into the pack. Extremely satisfactory build I must say.


Also I want it to be said that I got inspiration from Somayd's current BV Assassin Build and his old Elementalist BF Build.

This is an Alched Tier15 Courthouse Map with - Area is inhabited by Additional Rogue Exiles, 37% More Magic Monsters, Monsters deal 125% Extra Damage as Lightning, 74% Less Effect of curses on monsters and Magic monsters packs each have a bloodline mod.

On top of that I used 4 Awakened Sextants to increase the amount of mob packs in this map. As more mob packs gives visually more enjoyable explosives.


I am very new to making builds and I always strive to make non-meta builds that don't have the biggest price tag in the world to be playable. I think I achieved something decent here for a investment below 10 exalts and still being able to do most of the content in the game.

You can always reach me live on my Twitch Channel where I stream almost Daily if you have any questions or need any help!


Pros and Cons

+ Extremely good Clear speed
+ Relatively Cheap
+ Can still be strong on a tight Budget
+ High movement speed, big zoomer
+ Crazy clean mobclear ability with exploding packs

- Not very tanky/low healthpool
- Really bad single target right now
- Can not do monsters cannot be affected by elemental ailment maps
- Struggle with no regen maps
- Struggle with Enfeeble Maps when no flasks up
- Can not do Metamorphs in high tier maps

My Goal with my Characters that I make is to make them mostly non-meta weird fun builds but also try not to invest to heavily into them.



"Why are the Storm Gift Gloves and Inpulsa's armour must have items?"

The Build is built around these core items. You can do without the gloves but the gloves help alot with guaranteeing shock on our enemies for that juicy explodes from our Inpulsas.


Get 100% Critical Strike Chance to be able to do reflect maps with Opportunistic.



This video contains mostly everything that is already in the Guide such as Gearing, Links and me talking about the Build overall.




150c Void Battery is extremely good offensively for this build. We have a lot of Power Charges and gain a large amount of damage from our power charges. This weapon utilizes that as well, and gives another power charge. The best setup is to have 2 of these.

2 EX A 5-6 LINK INPULSA IS A MUST FOR THIS BUILD. THIS BUILD EVOLVES AROUND THIS SPECIFIC ARMOUR. The explodes from the shock is what gives our clean clearing ability with exploding packs.

5c This helmet works perfectly for this build. The innervate and Ice bite grants us more damage and Frenzy Charges that increases our damage even more. That along with the life, energy shield, evasion and the resists it gives. It's a great helmet choice overall. Remember to use the Harbinger skill it grants you as well.

Use your Herald of Ice setup with this helmet.

20c Any life & resists amulet with perhaps some damage such as spell damage or critical strike multiplier works perfect here. Annoint Arcane Potency for a great damage increase.

50c each Synthesised Circle of Fear rings with Herald of Ice buff effect and reduced mana reservation works great for this build as we utilize Herald of Ice a lot.

1c THESE GLOVES ARE MUST HAVE FOR THIS BUILD! Every mob we kill counts as shocked = shocked mobs explode from our Inpulsa = packs of mobs just explode like crazeey.

20c A stygian vise with Life and resists is more than enough. I went for a Life and Crit jewel inside it.

30c Life, Resists and Movement Speed boots is more than enough here as well.


Nothing special really, Life Flask with Instant Health, a Diamond Flask and Atziri's are the main things you should look for.


Nothing special here. Life and Crit jewels. You are mainly looking for Life, Critical Strike Chance/Multiplier and perhaps flat damage added to spells.

Gem Links


5 Link

6 Link


Just lowering the cost of our Zealotry helps a bit with our mana pool.

Curse Setup

Assassin's Mark gives us good damage and some "life/mana leech"

Movement Skills

Herald of Ice - Use in the The Tempest Binding Helmet

Added Critical Strike Chance to go with this current setup to make a pseudo 6-link.

Golem & Extra

Just using a Ice Golem for some extra damage with the increased Critical Strike Chance.



If you wanna ZOOM while leveling

Mistwalker->Unstable Infusion->Deadly Infusion->Opportunistic

If you want Damage while leveling

Unstable Infusion->Deadly Infusion->Mistwalker->Opportunistic



KILL ALL for 2 Skill Points


Save Alira for Resists + Critical Strike Multiplier(damage)

Path of Building



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Video will be up in half an hour. Will also tinker with this build more on stream to fix the single target better. Currently at 1m DPS but it feels very lackluster single target in high tier maps.

Changed helmet choice to The Tempest Binding. Works great with our Herald of Ice to increase our damage and also generate Frenzy Charges. That along with it resists and life etc it balances out really well.

Also decided to use a Increased Critical Strike Support gem in the Herald of Ice setup.
Good job with the guide man, you've already gained a sub. Congratz!
How's this build going? Any tips for leveling before maps?
Did you get single target better?

I really loved watching somayd's BV explodey video so I'm hoping this is the same this league :D
DeusVultz wrote:
How's this build going? Any tips for leveling before maps?
Did you get single target better?

I really loved watching somayd's BV explodey video so I'm hoping this is the same this league :D

I've been spending all my time on my other build this league. But I have been thinking of coming back to this as this was by far my favourite character last league :)

Will see if I either make a MF version or just try to fix the single target.

(Single target might be really hard to fix though I believe)
Do you think mapping at T16 with Delerium would be too rippy for this character?

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