Smif's HC Meta Shockwave Totem VIABLE! (Build guide) (With Video Guide!)

Video Guide
My first attempt at a video guide, and a guide in general, please leave feedback good or bad! I'm thick skinned =)

PoB Pastebin

Enough damage to absoluly smash every boss in the game.
About 4Mil total sustained shaper dps (upwards of 10-12mil burst)
Tanky as heck, much EHP, much regen, endurance charges.
Very easy on the FPS for self AND party play.
Memes, SWT ..... SWT
Amazing for lab. (the regen, it's nuts)

Gear is extremely niche, meaning you need to self craft a lot of it.
(This could be a PRO)

Sustained boss damage for VERY long fights, is only barely good enough, but the regen will get you through.

1) Shockwave totem, Astral Projector, Hierophant, MoM ... 200EX Build (kinda)
2) Projector is required for SWT to feel good.

3) 100% Total ailment avoid makes 4k life HC viable (without it you get shocked and

frozen way too much.)

4) Our main damage source, Indigon. We get indigon charges rapidly by casting totems in

map. As well as assassins mark on bosses.

5) Indigon, main source of survivial paired with Enduring Divine mana flask, we give it

staunching to instantly remove any and all bleeds, basically immune.

1) Life and Mana on gear, I found that early gearing wanted far more mana than life.

However, by mid maps, we're aiming for close to a 50/50 split.
We get 50% MoM Via Keystone+Hiero+Chest(lucient)
2) Tree Pathing > Extra Totem > MoM > Life/Mana Nodes > jewel sockets


----Ascendency and Pantheon----
Leveling order:

Persuit of Faith
Divine Guidance
Conviction of Power
Sanctuary of Throught

----Optional End Game Gear----
1) Glorious Vanity (doryani) On Avatar of Fire
The 50/50 Split to ES Essentially doubles our ES total against everything short of a pure

1shot. Due to half the damage going into life and mana then being quickly regenerated.
2) Watcher's eye with increased mana recovery, clarity.

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Added my first ever video guide!

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