[3.9] Consecrated Path Occultist | Gucci Hobo build | flashy & satisfying explosions

Build was designed to be fun & fast melee mapper for SlipperyJim's Gucci Hobo league.
Build focuses on scaling melee & profane bloom explosion damage with global damage & area modifiers, which leads to large explosions & Herald of Ash overkill burns...

+ Large satisfying explosions
+ Fast clear speed for melee build
+ Flexible passive tree, gear and gem choices
+ Good evasion & Dodge chance
+ Flashy visual effects

- Visual effects burn your eyes
- Only around 5000 life
- Bad single target dps

Videos & GIFs
Map mods to avoid:

- -X% maximum Player Resistances
- Players cannot Regenerate Life, Mana or Energy Shield
- Cannot Leech Life from Monsters
- Monsters reflect X% of Physical/Elemental Damage

Build mechanics:

Profane bloom
Cursed Enemies you or your Minions Kill have a 25% chance to Explode, dealing a quarter of their maximum Life as Chaos Damage. This explosion damage can be scaled up with increased damage, increased area damage and increased chaos damage. This build scales explosion damage to 75% monster life as chaos damage, which is usually enough to kill even rare monster in packs with help of Herald of Ash.

Herald of Ash
Burn on kill: When an enemy is killed, enemies within a radius from the killed enemy are burned based on the overkill damage. Overkill damage refers to total excess damage of the killing hit, including non-fire damage. The burn inflicted by this skill can only be affected by modifiers to damage over time. Global damage modifiers won't increase this burn damage...

Damage scaling:
Effective way to scale all Melee & Profane bloom & Herald of Ash damage is by taking Spiritual Aid passive Notable and increased minion damage nodes on passive tree. These increased global damage modifiers won't directly increase Herald of Ash burning damage, but because Profane Bloom explosion will now create larger overkill explosions, it will also affect Herald of Ash burns.

Explosion chaining:
Profane bloom is great way to increase clear speed in any build, but it is not quite enough to chain by itself, because it has only 25% chance to occur per monster. When killed monster fails to trigger new profane bloom explosion it will anyway spread Herald of Ash burn to nearby monsters, which can lead to start of new explosion chains.

Explosion chaining GIF


Current gear

Gear explanations:

To get Kingmaker one has first to find Soul Taker, which is quite rare unique.
But no worries, because any other high damage weapon can be used. Only reason I started to use Kingmaker was because I ruined my Oni-Goroshi in The Temple of Atzoatl, Corruption altar.

I chose to farm Oni-Goroshi for it's high single hit damage (235 physical + 290 fire damage at lvl90 with Her Embrace buff). It always drops as six linked, so it was nice league starter weapon.

Alternative weapons:
Debeons Dirge, Atziri's Disfavour, Marohi Erqi, Martyr of Innocence...

Armor, Helm, Gloves, Boots

Carcass Jack was nice armor to find for this Gucci Hobo league, because it gives everything this build needs (Life, AoE, all resist, evasion rating and damage). Down side is that it has Extra Gore mod, which makes your eyes and ears bleed. I got one from Metamorph and ended up using that...

Alternative armor: Kaom's Heart
I was planning to farm Kaom's heart for this build with divination cards by making my Atlas to drop mostly Volcano and Caldera maps. I ended up getting 5/8 The King's Heart cards before I got Carcass Jack...

Skullhead is pretty much best in slot for Gucci hobo league, because it has up to +70 life and 20% all resistance. Starkonja would be great alternative if you can get enough elemental resistances from elsewhere...

Malachai's Mark gloves are really nice, because they have up to +80 life and give rotating charge on kill buff, which means that 66% of the time you will have full endurance & frenzy charges during mapping.

Tip: You should try to corrupt unique gloves to get curse on hit implicit gloves. Curse on hit is required for Profane Bloom & HoA chaining.

Atziri's Step boots have high evasion rating, up to 75 life and some spell dodge, which makes them best in slot boots for gucci hobo league, in my opinion. They are easy to farm from Atziri.

Three-step_Assault are great & common starter boots.


Belt of the Deceiver is great and very common unique belt. You can try to corrupt increased maximum life / +all resistance implicit, but normal 35str implicit gives +17 life, which is also fine.

Ring 1.
Death Rush is best in slot for Gucci Hobo league, because it has life, flat accuracy and free onslaught. It is quite hard to get, because it is Onslaught league-specific item, but you can try to farm betrayal and The Temple of Atzoatl for league specific items and unique jewelry. I got one from Betrayal.

Ring 2.
Lori's Lantern is usefull only because it has high elemental resistances. Much better unique ring would be Ventor's Gamble. I used all my chance orb trying to get one. It would also have been nightmare trying to roll Ventor's Gamble with Divine orbs, but it is best unique ring that has both high +life and high elemental resistances.

alternative rings: Berek's Grip, Bloodboil, Le Heup of All, ...

Carnage Heart has Extra Core mod, which would usually mean that is is unusable amulet, but because I had Extra Core from Carcass Jack, I could use it without any more downsides. It has nice amount of all resistance and some life through +strength especially if you increase attribute modifiers with Metamorph Intrinsic Catalysts.

I used Divine_Judgement annoinment, because increased elemental damage & 5% Ele Penetration increased single target damage and +6% Fire Damage over Time Multiplier increased Herald of Ash damage.

For starter I would use Weathered Hunter annoinment, because it is cheap and accuracy & +10% all resistances are very much needed before getting endgame gear.

Tempered mind gives +1000 accuracy rating when placed on top of witch starting area, which is insanely good and quite common unique to farm from The Temple of Atzoatl.


Pretty common flask choises. Jade flask of reflexes raises evasion rating from 7000 to over 20 000 and Wise Oak gives 10% reduced elemental damage taken, which was quite nice.

Wise oak was best in slot, but Atziri's Promise, Taste of Hate or Lion's Roar would have been almost as good.

Gem setup

Main links:

Secondary links:

Herald of Ash:

Exposure & curse on hit for tougher enemies:


Precision aura & movement skill:

Passive tree
Strategies for getting starter uniques...

The Battlefront Metamorph spamming

In The Battlefront run straing down to find multiple Metamorph organs and guaranteed unique monster. Check if any of those organs contain unique item. If not, then just load new zone from waypoint and repeat. I was only using Oni-Goroshi, Wanderlust, Araku Tiki and Slitherpinch until this point. One hour later I left with unique item in every item slot...

The Toxic Conduits Metamorph spamming

In The Toxic Conduits there are 5 weak unique zombies that all grant Metamorph organ, which means that almost every time you clear this zone you get some unique item from Metamorph. I farmed this zone for half hour and moved on...

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I was planning on a low budget build with similar concept for next league. Consecrated path with ES based occultist but with Ngamahu's Flame as main weapon.
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This build is a good league starter ?
This build is a good league starter ?

To be honest I wouldn't recommend this build at all. Especially for league starter this build is big no go. It was made for Gucci Hobo league, which means it was only allowed to use unique items and it was more of build concept than recommended endgame viable build. Build also requires lot of passive tree travelling, which makes it bad league starter build even if someone would get proper gear easily from trade etc.

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