[3.9] Siege Ballista & Lightning Spire Trap Pathfinder - a beginner friendly [LAB RUNNER]

Welcome to my Lab Runner!

With this guide I want to provide a simple Lab Build for beginners
that is rewarding and easy to play.
It's not the fastest lab runner out there, but it perfectly fits the budget build i am trying to make.

This is quite a big achievement for me since this is my first time trying to make a lab build
It took me a long time to find a way to do enough damage and still keep up the speed.

I made this build off of stuff I had leftover from playing my Ice Shot Deadeye
I did a full Respec at level 94 to a pathfinder I'm sure you can cut out some nodes if you are lower level


Path of Building



Passive Tree




Helmet Enchant is not mandatory
I find Bloodgrip Marble Amulet helps a lot because of having the mod
"Moving while Bleeding doesn't cause you to take extra Damage"
since we are using a jewel with
Corrupted Blood cannot be inflicted on you
So we don't have to worry about Bleeding
Also anoint anything you want to I didn't because I'm lazy


the Hybrid flask is essential with the mod
Flask Effect is not removed at Full Mana
Because we are pathfinder we are able to spam this flask to have unlimited mana otherwise the build will have mana issues
Cinderswallow gives us onslaught and in combination with diamond flask provides us with a lot of crit to do more damage
Jade flask with a flask with the mod
96% increased Evasion Rating during Flask effect
gives us a ton of evasion you can even use a stibnite flask which gives
100% increased Evasion Rating
for even more evasion but i don't think its necessary



For Jewels you would just want to get your typical stuff
resists capped
flat damage or increased damage
Watcher Eye is optional I had a hatred/haste one i find the
47% increased cooldown recovery speed of Movement Skills used while affected by Haste
Extremely good almost gives you 0 downtime on Flame Dash
Gem Setup

Main 6L Siege Ballista

6L Lightning Spire Trap

Support gems for lightning Spire Trap can be changed depending on the colour of sockets you get. its kind of hard to get so many blue sockets on QOTF so maybe use advanced traps if you are unable to get so many blue sockets.
Check pob to find a dps increase before buying gems

4L Gloves, Boots, Helmet

4L Gloves, Boots, Helmet

4L Gloves, Boots, Helmet


How to Run the Lab

So normally I would first
Smoke mine -> Detonate Mines -> use all flasks -> phase run
at the beginning of each new room
then drop a siege ballista if you run out of charges to kill some trash mobs

For Izaro I would wait till he's half way up start placing
7 Seige Ballistas
Pop all flasks when ur turrets start hitting him
then i would carefully run circles around Izaro and drop my
3 Lightning Spire Traps
and try to overlap them so he takes damage from all of them
if he is still not dead just keep putting Siege Ballistas and spires

Feel free to leave suggestions on how to make this build better or Link your own POB for me to find new ideas
I didn't weapon swap or do anything fancy just kept it simple and "low budget"

Heres one of the goodies I got from the Lab

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This build looks awesome, i've hit lvl 74 and thinking about how much boost is giving Mark of the elder, because as now i have like no dmg and dont have chest yet where i can put lightning spire is it really important?

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