[3.9] Skitterbots infernal legion only summoner

Hello fellow exiles and thank you for checking out my "guide", if you can call it that.

The point of this build is not to be the best at anything, it was just to have fun and someone jokingly challenged me to do it so here we are.

The goal was to go from level 16->90 as a Skitterbots Infernal Legion summoner and as that goal is now reached, I figured I would make a post if anyone else wants to put themselves through the pure misery that this build inflicts on you at times.(IE. not being able to do drox, soul eater abyss mobs etc. etc.)

Before I get to the guide part, I have to say that this was actually an enjoyable change of pace and made me feel nostalgic to the nemesis days and beyond where the game wasn't 5 screens per second. But things change and stagnation is boring so I am happy that the game isn't only this nowadays. One positive I found about this build and other zDPS builds is that you get to actually learn and see the animations and telegraphs GGG have painstakingly created as your clearspeed doesnt allow you to fully ignore everything the game throws at you until you get inevitably oneshot in your haste.

Without further ado, I present to you the video for this build:


For leveling, if you feel like being a purist you should pick up skitterbots at act 2, equip infernal legion and go all the way using those.

For items that help you throughout the whole leveling process, a corrupted +1 level of gems tabula, skin of the loyal/lords, Baron and Matua Tupuna are potent choices.

The scaling in this build comes almost fully from pumping the levels of the infernal legion gem, which is a steal to get a level 21 on the market since nobody unironically runs one. The level of your actual skitterbots doesn't matter all that much so it can just level as it goes. I also run EE+dual curses for the skitterbots to gain some damage in my orb of storms, with a trigger wand casting wave of conviction for exposure.

We use necromantic aegis to give our skitterbots a shield with as much %fire damage as possible, I got mine for 1 chaos.

The single biggest upgrade you can get for this build(i86 elder base) or a similar helmet but running it with conc. effect can be problematic without finding 1% reserve jewels and a reserve reduction roll on the helmet. A potent way to fix this is getting an amulet with a bunch of %reserve reductions, but that can be costly as they seem to have been made legacy(Redeemer+Shaper reduction roll).

Scion? Why the heck a scion?

Well, one reason would be the position she starts at on the tree and the amount of reserve it allows us to get. The other one is getting "Covered in Ash" from the chieftain ascendancy for our little champions to deal more damage.

What about the links Lepor?! I'm glad you asked, I'll paste my whole gear and the POB skill tree below. I'm more than sure that you can come up with optimizations and changes to this should you wish to actually put yourself through it all!

POB: https://pastebin.com/2TBEUzVb

If you have C&C about the video or the guide, let me know! I read all of the replies even if I don't respond to everything. Also let me know if you would like to see more stuff similar to this and the accompanying video!
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