[3.10] PoE Academy's Hiernaut Ice Nova/Frostbolt - Destroy the endgame

Hey Exiles,

PoE Academy here with a short written guide for a build I destroyed the atlas with lately! It can be used for any situation in the game but excells at bossing. Delete Awakener 8:

Delete Awk8 U-Elder:

If you don't want to read through everything by yourself, watch the extensive video guide with highlights, gameplay and many more:


March20: Updated PoB to 3.10
April20: Added the video guide banner

Pro's & con's

+ Insane boss damage
+ Can gain a lot from new 3.9 influenced mods
+ Unique and fresh playstyle
+ Very Versatile

- Ranged chaos damage can be an issue
- Requires level 86+ to feel really good
- Feels weak without gear baseline

What others say about this build




3.9 - PoB (For Awakener 8 kill - shown in video):

3.9 - PoB (‘Budget version’ used for Awakener 5 kill):

3.10 - PoB https://pastebin.com/SEep0qsZ


I go over every mechanic used in this build in detail in my YouTube video, so you might want to check it out! (https://youtu.be/hYnk_x8LrZ0)

My Current Gear



Here are all the links I'm using in order of importance:


Staff 6-link: Ice Nova - Hypothermia - Intensify - Spell Echo - Controlled Destruction - Concentrated Effect

Body Armour 4-link required, 6-link optional: Frostbolt - GMP - Curse on Hit - Frostbite - (Arcane Surge? - Assassin's Mark?)

Auras: Hatred - Precision - Clarity

Essence Worm: Zealotry

Movement: Flame Dash

Utility 1: Lightning Golem - CWDT - Steelskin

Utility 2: Frost Bomb - Storm Brand - Decoy Totem - Culling Strike

Tree / Ascendancies / Pantheon / Bandits

This is the final tree:

For Ascendancies we go
1. Illuminated Devotion
2. Divine Guidance
3. Sanctuary of Thought
4. Arcane Blessing

We take Soul of Solaris and Soul of Shakari (don't forget the upgrades!) and help Alira.


1. Ask me anything?

Please share any questions or feedback!

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How is your build different from the other Hierophant and Guardian frostbolt/ice nova pledge of hands builds?



Why should we choose yours?
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Different passives / gear choices, but ye as I've said, not completely new.
Ah I was hoping that you would explain your choices more and reasoning
Cluster jewels? Whats good and what to nix from the tree to fit them in
Thank you for posting this build. I’ve been following it through my first play through ever on Xbox and loving it. Currently on tier 8 Maps.

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