Twitch prime stuff is a joke.

i linked my twitch prime shizzle a while back but it doesnt matter. i did noty get the purple bundle and i did not get the elemental bundle. most likely i will have it now cos of this post but this shizzle aint working GGG.
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Same for me i claimed and didnt receive the elemental bundle :(
1. make sure you followed the steps properly (if you can't manage that email support)

2. the previous bundles ended when the current one started you can't claim them now
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Make sure you visit your Twitch page on your account so that your entitlements are processed.
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i did everything by the book it just never showed up in game.
So there for i posted on the forum and it seems to have worked. i got all items now so i have a happy bday after all.
I dont have lot to spent on games. but i do like to look nice. so now im happy. thx for the reply.
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