(3,9) PF VMS tank 26sec ms 8,5sec Blade vortex poison lvl 80 15m+ pois dps

Hi im only did 3-4ex budget pf whirling vortex about defenses
86 phys reduct
75 all res
3,2k life
52k armour
8sec ms duration 75 % going on buff before life 10k buff
24sec vms 80% going on buff before life 30k buff

self curse with temp chains 40,5sec

damage tankness if i take 70k phys dmg my phys reduct give 86% so i take 9800 which means im use vms on bosses 80% on my buff right so im get 1960 on my lifes

some with resistances but with 75% i think its cool easy minotour tank with lvl 80 and 15mill dps 3ex budget gear look at tree

https://pastebin.com/nQJqpVtp lvl 80 tree

https://pastebin.com/Qw8SAqp7 lvl 100 tree look at equipments inertia just swap with watchers when u reach lv 100 16ex budget gear awaken gems u can found or buy other gems auto level up dagger one listed for 9ex but it gives extra 1,4mill poison dot/s

new tree for level 98 just 22m dot per sec with max stacks with watcher's eye male inflict ailments 15%faster
https://pastebin.com/Q9BWa47W and on jade flask now i have increase evasion rating for bosses for maping remove freezeon use,immune freeze

blade vortex 10,7m dots with max stack vaal blade vortex 11,2m dots with max stacks 219m total damage per 10seconds on this but on my gear 14,8m bv 15,6m vaal bv

Tree with viper strike jewel for single target.

Doedre's scorn enchant uber lab temp chain curse effect costs 10-20exalts in poe trade i have my self scorn in standart gl guys with enchants

Lvl 100 tree for map clearing https://pastebin.com/3mGQ2nA7
Lvl 100 tree for standart bosses https://pastebin.com/bm5ET0ZQ
Lvl 100 tree for shaper/guardians https://pastebin.com/bm5ET0ZQ

New tree https://pastebin.com/pEv3bJKS lv 100
Toxic rain tree same build damage on shaper 136k x 4.17 x 2.26 x 9 enjoy guys damage is 11,5mill per second with budget gear,tree can make easy 4,7m dot on shaper high defenses enjoy https://pastebin.com/2LC1XV80

Uber lab at lvl 82
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Awakener 8 possible i think because on higher level i reccomend allocates whisper of doom on amulet change doedre's ring and focus on 4,5k life and 14m pois dps just 1-2 sec on boss and run away +unset ring for withering step very cool i think and just focus on curse effect and increase duration for red map clearing

soul ripper the best u can get and change it with sins rebirth on maps
if u have in party occultist with huge curse effect and animate guard with curse staff i think u can get about 50m+ pois dps
Blade vortex duration 8,55sec +temp chain curse vaal bv 5,13sec + temp chain curse
with end game gear u guys get better gear which not focus on curse effect but focused on pois damage
i almost done endgame pf 97lvl 75res 50+overcapted 90phys reduct 237k pois dps 17,8sec duration max 134 stacks means x 237k like 31,284m per second on reg bosses 33% lesser pois duration on shaper/guards 66% lesser pois duration +if u self cast on awakener temp chain use male aura on ur self and wither totems damage can up like 50% more so 355k per pois 10sec debuff 75max stacks means 20-25mill pois per second +animate guard increase effect aura/curse additional 16k pois + 1,5sec i think so many theories for single target like awakener
any clips?
Oh with nice gear damage can up to 8,1 sec pois duration 272k pois dmg 54max stacks means 14,5m max dot per sec +animate guardian and malevolence,precicion multiplier crit watcher for extra 3-5m dot per sec i think thats on shaper with 66less curse effect :(
kievery wrote:
any clips?

nope i just try this character in standart with my lvl 95 pf with 20/20 vaal bv lv 3empower got 4,1k life 6ex budget gear and kill t16 guards in 5-8secs maybe but when i use vms , i get huge defence 80percent damage mitigation as buff, so if boss do 10k dmg on me , 8k going as buff 2k , as life +90phys reduct 75all resistances so tanky alot damage and easy complete delves 700+ with soul ripper and my life flasks heals me in 0,2second t15 bosses i drop in 3-4sec but i use other setup on bosses make summon skitterboarts and self cast temp chain in 1sec i apply 7-8stacks 1stack did 168k pois dps and 11sec duration on standart bosses
4seconds 30stacks x 168k +10second debuff duration total damage 50,4million on boss with 6exalt gear
if any wont true go look molten shell duration on this build in my pob 8,5sec ms 25sec vms and go read what molten shell do ...........

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