[3.9] HOP Mana Guardian 2Mill shaper DPS CI

hello everyone . so i was messing with the POB trying to find a good ES minion Build that doesnt cost a fortune and not a witch related.

am not good at creating threads at all so pardon my explanation.

2Million shaper DPS
Near 10K ES
21K Armor
Free Shock and Chill (am a skitter fanboy)
only 2 key uniques needed ( circle of guilt and cold iron point)

phys Ref is a no go
require a high level to enable all auras and feel tanky at the same time.

Bandits: Alira for the resist.

Pantheon: Brine King and Ralakesh.


Let me know how you feel about the build. and any advise is greatly appreciated.

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Life Necro version:

4Mill DPS

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