[3.9] Turtroll HoWA CI Juggernaut 1M DPS | All Content [in progess]

This build is revolved around attribute stacking, more specifically intelligence stacking. Attribute stacking is really strong and very scalable, every intelligence will give more ES and more damage. With items like Cyclopean Coil, Shaper's Touch and Hands of Wisdom and Action stacking attributes is really powerful.

I do not recommend league starting with this build, without proper gearing it is not strong enough to play. Additionally, it requires a lot of jewels which can be costly.

Mechanics of the Build
Why CI?
Intelligence gives is %ES, therefore we will be going ES build. CI is a really nice bonus because being immune to chaos damage is really powerful and allows us to steamroll through certain mechanics/bosses.
Why Juggernaut?
Occulist can work as well, however Juggernaut is a really nice ascendancy for this build. Being a very tanky ascendancy, we are able to facetank bosses and deal good damage to kill it.
Why are we scaling Lightning Damage/ Lightning Penetration?
HoWA gives us flat lightning damage for every 10 intelligence. Therefore, scaling lightning damage is the best way for this build


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