[3.9] Mercur1al's Ball Lightning mine in ssf (hybrid 5k hp + 3k es)/ AL8 Sirus down


It's my first time to share my ssf build here.

I love playing ssf mode, and this time I play a scion. I choose to play a mine build, because it's a good league starter(except summoner like necromancer).

Maybe it's not a good build, so just reply some useful advise to me if you can.

I play ssf for 2 days, and I just finish the first sirus fight(awakened level 5), even though with a tabula, but kill sirus deathless. I keep playing this build, so I will update this thread if possible.

So we begin!

Why ascendant?

First of all, scion is a beautiful character, isn't she?

Here's my point of view for ascendant, compared with saboteur.
(Oops! I forget to say that, I play ascendant using saboteur + pathfinder.)

Compared with saboteur, if you play mine using ascendant, you will face these problems:
1, You will be lack of some mine throwing speed. That's the most important thing, but I choose to adjust passive tree to compensate that.

2, You will increase your mana reservation of mine skill. Pyromaniac from saboteur offer '20% reduced mana reservation of skills that throw mines', it helps a lot. But as I mentioned before, I choose to adjust passive tree to compensate that.

3, Pyromaniac from saboteur offer 'immune to ignite shock', it's good. But my build, I choose to get a totally immunity to elemental ailments! Yes, with some gear mod(mostly craft mod), and passive tree, it can be immune to all elemental ailments, ignite, chill, freeze, and shock.

Ok, let's tall about some advantages.
1, The saboteur of ascendant, offer '25% chance to blind on hit', this is still usable for mine, and I play ball lightning mine build, with a high frequency hit rate, so I can blind enemies almost all the time.

2, The pathfinder of ascendant, offer 'flask gain 3 charges every 3 seconds'. Although it's a nerfed-version compared with pathfinder(lack of increase flask gain), I think it's still useful for some boss fight, or even running map. I can use my flask more casually.

3, Ascendant have huge dexterity for this build, 60 dexterity, which will save some passive skill points, and offer extra passive skill points. So we can use these extra points to adjust passive tree, to compensate some mine throwing speed.

Why hybrid(hp + es)?

Now my character has 4999 hp and 2282 es, but if I have Gravicius craft, 'Gain (9–10)% of Maximum Life as Extra Maximum Energy Shield', my es can be up to 3169. That's really nice for ssf. If I choose to play pure hp mine, I can only have around 6k hp, if I don't have Kaom's Heart. If I choose to play pure es, CI or LL, these two kinds need decent gears. So it's not a good league starter for ssf.

So I choose to play hybrid, hp combined with es. It's easy to have decent energy shield, just use a discipline aura. Yes, I give up using wrath aura or zealotry aura, because they take huge mana reservation. So it will lose some damage, but it will offer you some defense.

It's not useful if I just add some es to my character, I need to find some way to recover my es. For this, I choose the key stone 'Wicked Ward', which offer this:'energy shield recharge is not interrupted by damage if recharge began recently'. If my character loses energy shield, and doesn't get hit in 2 seconds, my energy shield will start to recharge, with a recharge rate about 700/s, that means, like a 700/s regeneration of energy shield, and this can last for 4s.

So playing with this build, when I get hit, I will run to a safe place asap, using flame dash or smoke mine, to trigger Wicked Ward. It's not a difficult thing, and one more thing, because I play mine build, I always keep distance with enemies.

That's why I choose hybrid.

Ball lightning?

Yes, arc mine has insane clean speed, but ball lightning has a higher damage.

I copy this from wiki:
Ball Lightning is a slow moving projectile, that strikes targets with bolts of lightning around itself. Lightning bolts strike targets every 150 milliseconds and each target cannot be hit more often than this. That restriction is shared between all balls fired on the same cast.

We should note these:
1, ball lightning hits every 0.15s.
2, no shotgun for ball lighning.

I use ball lightning mine to keep enemies being hit constantly. This skill deals decent damage. But if you have good gears, you can just use arc mine.


Because I play ssf, I don't have so much unique items.(maybe my tabula can be one unique item, XD)

Weapon, a good wand or sceptre, offer damage for my build.

I just pick up a opal wand with high item level, and use essence on it. I use spell damage essence, and get this wand. It's nice for me.

Here's my advice for mod.

Prefix:spell damage, +1 level to all spell gem or lightning gem, add lightning damage to spell(for damage), add cold damage to spell(for you can freeze or chill enemies).

Suffix:critical strike multiplier, chance to deal double damage when focus(craft).

Shield, a high life shield, offer some damage would be better.

I get my shield from a conqueror.

These are mods recommanded:
maximum life(at least +90 maximum life)
spell damage or critical strike chance for spell, or gem level
one empty suffix if possible, to craft'chance to deal double damage when focus'.

Helmet, body armour, golves, these three gears need to craft mod 'chance to avoid elemental ailments'. But remember, you need a empty suffix on your gloves or helmet, but for your body armour, you need two empty prefixes.

High life helmet, if possible, choose a 'reduced mana reserved 'mod like my helmet. I farm my helmet from The Blood Aqueduct(A9). Thanks the metamorph.

It's no doubt that, I choose fingerless silk golves, with 16% increased spell damage. Just choose high life gloves, with some resistances.

Need to say that it's really hard to get a rare 6-links this league. I fight sirus with my tabula, but I get my 6-links rare vaal regalia. It's sure that my body armour is not a good one.

Here's my advice. Get a +110 or above maximum life body armour, with 2 empty prefixes, then craft 'chance to avoid elemetal ailments' and 'Gain (9-10)% of Maximum Life as Extra Maximum Energy Shield'. For suffix, resistance will be ok.

Please note that, from tree we get 20-30% chance to avoid elemental ailments, so you need to get about 70-80% chance to avoid elemental ailments from your gears.

Update my body armour.

Amulet with high hp and critical strike multiplier.

You don't have to care about the implicit, because you have enough attributes, so just find high hp and critical strike multiplier amulet.

For oil, here's my advise:
1, Efficient Explosives, cheap, offer some mine damage, and reduce mana reservation of mine.
2, Crystal Skin, offer some elemental resistance, and chance to avoid elemental ailments.
3, Arcane Potency, offer damage.
4, Purity of Flesh, Consitution, or Combat Stamina, offer maximum life.

The rest, rings, boots, belt, all for compensate your life and resistance. Remember, try to add some chaos resistance if possible.

For boots, you'd better use a boot with movement speed(at least 20%).

And I prepare to run lab for enchant. Enchant on boots helps a lot for damage.
'Adds Lightning Damage if you haven't Killed Recently'
'increased Critical Strike Chance if you haven't Crit Recently'
'Damage Penetrates Enemy Elemental Resistances if you haven't Killed Recently'
These enchants above are good for this build.


Life flask with immunity to bleeding.

I choose a granite flask to increase my armour, if not, my character almost has no armour, no reduction for physical damage. You can use some damage flask if you like.

Diamond flask with immunity to curse, it will be better to choose a diamond flask with immunity to poison. If so, craft 'increased critical strike chance during flask effect'.

Quicksilver flask with movement speed.

Mana flask. Get this prefix'Flask Effect is not removed at Full Mana'. And choose suffix immunity to curse.


6l(body armour):
Ball lightning - Slow Projectiles - High-impact Mine - Swift Assembly - Inspiration - Lightning Penetration

I don't use minefield for two reasons:
1, clunky.
2, it's enough for Swift Assembly to maintain ball lightning's hit.

3l weapon:
Flame dash - Faster Casting - Arcane Surge(lvl 7)

3l shield:
Wave of Conviction - Spell Totem - Multiple Totems
I use Wave of Conviction to apply lightning exposure to enemies, reducing their lightning resistance.

4 sockets helmet:
presicion(lvl 1), Bear Trap(lvl 1), Assassin Mark, Summon Stone Golem.
Bear trap can increase mine damage.

4l gloves:
Summon Skitterbots - Vaal Discipline - Clarity(lvl 1) - Enlighten
Aura links.

4l boots:
Cast When Damage Taken(lvl 12) - Steelskin(lvl 16) - Increase Duration - Smoke Mine
CWDT links. We need to cast smoke mine ourselves, just increase its duration.

Passive tree with POB

Of course, you can open my character file, to check passive tree.
My character's name: Mercurial_NakamoriAkina

And here's my pob, lvl 92:

Bandit and Pantheon

Bandit:help Alira.

Major god:
Soul of Lunaris

Minor god:
Soul of Ryslatha(60% increased Life Recovery from Flasks used when on Low Life)
Soul of Abberath(Unaffected by Burning Ground)

Thanks for reading. Sorry that there's no video for this build, but I try my best to write this thread. This mine build doesn't have insane damage, but it's friendly for mapping and it's a good starter in ssf for me.
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Mercur1al_J wrote:

First of all, scion is a beautiful character, isn't she?

You got me there. Considering her story well...

To be honest Scion needs some love. Good to see people are still trying to play her.
Last edited by Vendetta on Feb 3, 2020, 6:28:57 PM
Sirus(al 6) down today, one death.

I think that the mine damage is not insane, I kill Sirus within 7 minutes. It's a little bit long for some builds, but for me, it's acceptable.
Vendetta wrote:
Mercur1al_J wrote:

First of all, scion is a beautiful character, isn't she?

You got me there. Considering her story well...

To be honest Scion needs some love. Good to see people are still trying to play her.

It's almost my first time to play Scion in ssf. Before, I think this character is not strong enough without decent gears. But, this time I find that, it's acceptable to play Scion with mine skill.
Al8 sirus down today, but it seems not good, because I died 3 times. This build may lack of some damage. Maybe try to get a low life mine build will be better.

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