Today we’ve released the Automaton Lightning Spire Effect into our store. This skill effect gives your Lightning Spire Traps red lightning and replaces the base model of an activated trap with Automaton technology. Check it out in our showcase video below, or purchase it from our store here.

The Automaton Lightning Spire needs a trapper to set it, so if you’re looking to dress your character in theme, we'd recommend the Automaton Body Armour, Automaton Character Effect, Automaton Weapon Effect, Automaton Halo, Void Emperor Boots, Void Emperor Gloves, Huntsman Hood, Dragon Mask, Warlock Staff and Steam-powered Engine Back Attachment.

Thanks for your support!
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sick, when will we get automaton smite. Please and thank you
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wow cool!

gj ggg

BUT pls change current lab reward system! stop cheaters and scams monopoly!
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oh look a spoiler for the next armor set and weapon mtx in the post
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