[3.9][MSC] Slayer Saviour Ice Crash | Shaper DPS 7M+ (15M+ with flasks) |

The Saviour is probably one of the most fun weapons that's in the game right now. There's probably already a bunch of builds out there for it, but here's one that is built around a somewhat off-meta skill Ice Crash.

◎ This build is not budget-friendly as the sword itself is already very expensive.


Using The Saviour creates two copies of yourself that deals 50% of your damage each, effectively doubling user's damage. As the sword itself has smaller base damage than most of the endgame weapons, we can build the character with Paradoxica as the 2nd weapon, enhancing the effects of flat damages. Ice Crash has one of the highest flat elemental damage on lv20, ergo works well with this build.


Bandits: Alira (for crit multi and ele resistance)

Lv93 Tree Overview (for lv90 tree, un-allocate Heart of Oak and one node in Blade of Cunning)



PoB Import with my current setup: https://pastebin.com/XZNwxkHK
There're a few things PoB is not currently taking into its DPS calculation,
1. Saviour dudes (*2.00)
2. Close Combat multiplier (*1.59)
3. Impact ascendency multiplier (*1.15)
4. 20% Culling (~ *1.25)
5. Multistrike's 2nd & 3rd hit damage (~ *1.22)

Without flasks, the DPS in PoB is around 1.7M, multiply by the effects from 1 ~ 4, DPS becomes around 7.8M without counting Multistrike's additional damage.

With the 3.9 conquerors update, new mods were introduced that are pretty powerful damage-wise, but given that it's harder to craft/buy one*, I'll list it separately.

◎ Weapons: The Saviour + Paradoxica*
◎ Body: Rare armour with life and elemental resistance
◎ Helmet: Rare helmet with life and elemental resistance; can fossil-craft enemy resistance reduction mod
◎ Gloves: Tombfist (abyssal jewels works well with Paradoxica, get 2-socket version if budget allows
◎ Boots: Rare boots with life and elemental resistance
◎ Rings: Mark of the Elder + Shaper influenced ring w/ Assassin's mark on hit
◎ Amulet: Rare amulet with life, crit multi, flat cold (Oil: Assassination*)
◎ Belt: Rare stygian with life, elemental resistance and elemental damage (AED or fossil mods)
◎ Unique Jewels: Watcher's Eye with flat cold using Haterd / Intuitive Leap / Unnatural Instinct (optional)
◎ Jewels: Rare with life%, AOE damage%, melee damage%, cold damage%, crit multi, attack speed
◎ Abyssal: Rare with life and flat cold

Conqueror Mods

Crusader: consecrated ground while stationary
Redeemer: frenzy charge on hit, %dmg against chilled enemies, flat cold against chilled enemies, resistance penetration, aura mana reservation
Hunter: atk crit%, tailwind on crit, life%
Warlord: +1 max power charge, socketed gem lv

There's a lot of useful conqueror mods, only listed some of the ones that are more impactful in my opinion.


1. For Paradoxica, I chose one with spell triggering mod due to QoL reasons, too many buttons to press. Our damage is mostly coming from flat cold, so phys% mod is not strictly required as well.
2. Regarding amulet oil options, Assassination offers similar damage boost compared to Disemboweling, but it costs less and also increases spell crit that help us proc power charge on crit.
3. Example Set of Gears without Conqueror mods: https://pastebin.com/kwVK175y


◎ Main 6L: Ice Crash + Inspiration + Atk Elemental Damage + Cold Pen. + Multistrike + Close Combat
◎ Aura 4L: Hatred + Herald of Ice + Blood and Sand + Enlighten(lv3)
◎ PowerCharge: Storm Brand + Power Charge on Crit + Increase Crit% / Ancestral Protector
◎ Weapon 1: Whirling Blades + Faster Atk + Fortify
◎ Weapon 2: Blood Rage / Frost Bomb / Purifying Flame
◎ Others: Vaal Molten Shell / Precision (low lv)

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Why not use Awakened added cold dmg instead of the atk elemntal dmg? that will give ya and addition 500k dps atleast and its kinda cheap atm

p.s taking an exciting guide and adding "The saviour" to it is NOT a new build xD
Last edited by SoulRus on Feb 2, 2020, 11:46:49 AM
SoulRus wrote:
Why not use Awakened added cold dmg instead of the atk elemntal dmg? that will give ya and addition 500k dps atleast and its kinda cheap atm

p.s taking an exciting guide and adding "The saviour" to it is NOT a new build xD

Atk elemental dmg yields higher dmg per PoB, or do you actually mean instead of Awakened Cold Pen? Awk added cold is 4x the price of Awk Cold Pen on my server though, so ACP is more coefficient for me :D (6ex for ACD, 1.5ex for ACP)

Also not sure if you meant "existing" guide, but I searched the forum for posts on Slayer Ice Crash before posting, no hits on Slayer/Paradoxica/IceCrash...

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