[3.9] OP Cyclone Berserker | Easy insane DPS 10m+!

Hi everyone, this is my first build guide, hope you like it!

I've been playing for some time now and just felt that even with good defences and hp I still died. I could do 2 things: play a tankier build or a full glass cannon(kill before you get killed am I right?) so I went for the insane dps option, that's what I looked for but didn't find any build guides out there, so I decided to write this guide.
Not a newbie friendly guide!! Just keeping it simple.


this dps was achieved with a 10 ex investment, it can go MUCH higher with more investment(most was from chest at around 7 ex, wasn't exactly league start so prices were a bit lower)


Quick Summary | Pros & Cons:


This build is focused around Cyclone and Facebreaker unique gloves.
We utilize

to get a way higher crit chance and scale our damage with claw nodes.

-Crazy DPS(scales good with investment)
-Can do all content, but not good at messy boss fights with Hp stages (like sirus/uber elder, shaper was just fine I did a deathless run)

-Not a good league starter heavily relies on uniques (depending on uniques and prices it could work)
-No movement skill (other than shield charge which I didn't like, its not the fastest speed mapper but also not slow)
-Low life (can go up to 5k at higher levels or if you ignore a bunch of damage nodes)
-Can't run phys reflect maps


Path of building - Skill tree - Ascendancies


You can progress the skill tree by just going into any useful nodes (for example don't go into shield nodes if you don't have a shield yet or claws if you don't have the amulet yet)

If you don't have Path of building you should start using it now.





T16 map + Minotaur kill (I forgot to use berserker in the mino kill kek)




Go with Infernal blow and equip facebreaker as soon as possible. Once you reach level 28 optionally switch to cyclone (it felt too slow for me) or continue with infernal blow until you can get all the cyclone support gems and do the gem setup.

Helpful leveling uniques:


Gear, Jewels and Flasks:


Gloves and our main item:

Try looking for the highest roll you can afford.


This is our best option and adds a lot of DPS, look for cyclone damage enchantment.


The -mana cost makes it all easier, while giving us life and crit, if you can't afford prioritize -mana cost and life.


This gives us a lot of DPS because of the channeling mod while giving us resists and life, also an occasional buff from the harbinger.


Best bet for DPS also giving us life, if you can't afford go for a Meginord's Girdle


The only rare item in our build, so go for highest triple resists you can find, best choice would be triple res, life and movement speed but we all know thats expensive.
Go for increased attack speed if you've killed recently enchant.


Enables the use of claw nodes and gives us a lot of crit chance


This is where investment can get serious, you can go for this ring with only the Herald of purity buff effect mod and look for a high roll, there's also a cheaper option which increases attack damage while affected by HoP but this doesn't give as much damage.

for minmaxing get a ring with (+herald of purity buff effect) and (+#% increased phys damage while affect by herald of purity) mods, theres also a increased global phys dmg implicit.


for minmaxing replace the quicksilver flask for a Bottled faith, adds a lot of DPS.


This is where it can get insanely expensive because we use Watcher's Eye jewels.

for budget version get one with only (% Increased attack damage while affected by precision)

for minmaxing get one with the mod mentioned before and also (+#% to critical strike multiplier while affected by precision)


Gem Setup Options:


For full gem setups look at the Path of Building, here I'm gonna talk about different options:

If you have the currency upgrade Brutality and Melee phys damage to their awakened versions.

If you want to use shield charge put it in the shield with faster attacks support, removing portal and cast on death, you can swap gems around now putting blood rage in the shield, leaving you with an empty space for another empower, enlighten, an ice golem or whatever.

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Nice Build, that is a shitton of damage there.

Few things though:
- 2x Watcher's eye?
- missing some empty Jewel slots
- The BLIND crit cluster close to Duelist seems very tasty with Flesh&Stone aura, it provides Acc/crit and more survivability.
Even without the aura, we still have 25% blind on hit, more than enough.
- to get capped resists is a bitch :) Boots are Very expensive..
- I went the Alira way for Bandits, just to get 12 all reist and some crit multi.

will report back once I hit maps and can wear all the shit I bought last few days.. ouch, rings and armor made me poor..
Don't Touch my Sweep please GGG!
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Hey! thanks for pointing out a few stuff.

Those x2 Watcher's eye I recommend, the ones with (#% Increased Attack Damage while affected by Precision) give us the most damage without spending a shit ton of currency as the other one that I mentioned.

Empty Jewel slots? so you might be talking about the one to the left next to Heartseeker? or which? Just calculated DPS, and I think its better going into that one and unallocating the Defiance node for more DPS. Remember to slot a good watcher's eye or maxed out dps jewel(rlly expensive)

I don't think the blind crit cluster is that good, it gives more DPS but you would have to unallocate some life because testing it out, all the other dps nodes are better, and we already have a shit ton of crit. Also, I've been using sand stance while mapping and blood for bosses, and I don't think that crit and dps is worth for normal mappin mobs, which actually die instantly xd

As I mentioned, it's a glass cannon build, you gotta try to get max triple res rolls in boots or the highest you can afford, also going slow while mapping can actually get you killed by ranged mobs so try to kill everything on screen.

Alira seems like a good option for Bandit, kinda the same or a bit more dps depending what you used the 2 points for. Seems like its giving more dps if you unallocate Defiance node and take alira.

GL with the build!!
Hey there. I kind of did my own thing but I was wondering how to improve my build. I have an abyssus and a rys coil but my res tanks. so I dont use them unless I do bosses. Im on ps4 so I'm doing the best I can with what I got. This is my gear:

my Pob: https://pastebin.com/i4bChM0s
Poetical-Lies wrote:
Hey there. I kind of did my own thing but I was wondering how to improve my build. I have an abyssus and a rys coil but my res tanks. so I dont use them unless I do bosses. Im on ps4 so I'm doing the best I can with what I got.

heyy! If you have enough currency theres a few stuff you can do:

upgrade brutality and melee phys support to their awakened version.

you got 1 insane circle of guilt, could get improving the other one for more damage.

I see you're going for a tankier version and you aren't running war banner but i'd really recommend changing the shield for the unshattered will it gives you more damage and you can try to do this links
gloves -> HoP - Empower - War Banner - Blood Rage
shield -> shield charge - faster attacks - berserk

also you can do the boots setup i recommend, CWDT - Molten Shell - Vulnerability, and socket precision in the extra one.

if you're not using watcher's eye like the ones i talked about you definitely should check those out!!

also don't be scared of losing some res for an abyssus it increases DPS so much, I've been playing with like around 60% on all resistances and its fine, dps is so high you don't even get touched, except for projectiles but you should be fast enough to kill everything before they attack tho.
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Can you post a mirror link for the passive tree please? Your link doesn't work for me in Canada.


EDIT: Never mind, this rookie figured it out!
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