[3.9] Gucci Hobo With a Shotgun - A terrible build for terrible people



This guide was inspired by the Slipperyjim8 SSF Gucci Hobo league. The main thing to know about this are 2 key terms:

Gucci - Uniques only
Hobo - Templar only

However for his league, there were exceptions made. Any classes were playable, and you could use non-unique flasks. That said, this guide was created as a finish line for my ultimate, 100% ethical, gucci hobo. The intent was to have pieces of gear I would aim for, and the the hijinks along the way. This build ultimately could be massively improved with rare items, but I set my goal to give myself a challenge as I played a 100% unethical summoner in Metamorph SC.


Path of Building Links:


3.9 -- 100% Ethical Gucci Hobo with a Shotgun


Pros and Cons


+ Mana is your damage and survivability
+ Scales a lot better with rares
+ Cheap build to start
+ Off-Meta, so you can be a hipster

- Terrible for SSF
- Cannot reiterate this enough, do not play this in SSF
- DO
- IT
- You compete with Guardians for jewels and they usually have money to spend
- Manastorm buff is invisible ( L O L )


Core Unique


The unique this build ultimately comes up from is Manastorm.

The key effect on this shield is:

When you Cast a Spell, Sacrifice all Mana to gain Added Maximum Lightning Damage
equal to 25% of Sacrificed Mana for 4 seconds

This means more available mana = more damage. This means with Transfiguration of Mind(increases and reduction to maximum mana to also apply to damage at 30% of their value) we double dip on our damage gains.

The ascendency that pairs best with more mana, is Hierophant. You get defenses by converting maximum mana to extra energy shield, and you get Transfiguration of Mind on the nodes we want anyway.

Note: If you have money to burn, a Ranger will do a lot more damage but it requires a Watcher's Eye with the Clarity mod "Gain (12-18)% of Maximum Mana as Extra Maximum Energy Shield while affected by Clarity" to make up for the large loss of energy shield.


Build Strategy - The 2 core tenants


Manastorm triggers: "When you Cast a Spell..."

This means we can't spam spells, and instead have to rely on fast attacks or triggering spells via other methods. This build is themed around the concept of a Hobo with a Shotgun, so we use Kinetic Blast but you can adjust the build to use more optimal skills (Cyclone, Barrage, etc).

Since the buff given by Manastorm is invisible, we have to rely on mentally keeping track of using a spell ability(Blood Rage, Flame Dash, etc) every 4 seconds. This is tedious and hopefully is fixed in the future.


We only want to aim for mana and energy shield nodes for defenses, and we want any kind of lightning damage modifiers for offense. For low life versions of the build, life isn't a wasted stat because you can opt to take Mind Over Matter for even more tankiness. These stats can be hard to get on uniques, but on rares are much easier to find.




The shotgun blast(Chest):
Kinetic Blast
Lightning Penetration
Elemental Focus
Elemental Damage with Attacks
Faster Attacks

Map Clearing(Gloves, Boots, or Helm):

Vaal Power Siphon
Lightning Penetration
Elemental Focus
Elemental Damage With Attacks

Triggering Manastorm(Shield or Wand):
Blood Rage
Flame Dash

Phase Run
Increased Duration

Note: Quality is import for Blood Rage as it adds significantly more attack speed

Note: Quality is important for Phase Run as it adds significantly more movement speed

General Supports(Gloves, Boots, or Helm):

Purity of Elements
Blood Magic

Cast when Damage Taken
Frost Wall
Frost Bomb



Gucci Hobo

Advanced Variations

CI(Mana Regen)

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