Boss Killer Service + Lab Carry

Trustworth he helped me out of a bad Sirus fight and finished it. The loot was > 1 exa and he gave it to me when we split.

Very nice Service thank you
I've been killing bosses all league (450+ Uber Elders, 100 Atziris, 30 masterminds at the time of this writing)

Figured I could get more business with a vouch thread.

Please give honest feedback below if you've enjoyed my service!
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Old thread that can't be commented anymore:

Kind regards.

Super fast help on the shaper, did a 1 portal cleanup with it! Really appreciative of his help! Would recommend and will be using in the future!
Fast and friendly lab carry, would use services again.
very friendly person, really fast and reliable, thanks a lot bro :)
Very friendly and fast kill, recommended!
Sirus carry, Nice guy and job done quickly even got me to 24 challenges! I hope we meet again mate!
Fast and safe carry
Nice guys aswell
Fast and safe carry, got my loot.
everything fine
Great Service & Friendly guy! Helped finish off wave 19-20 Simulacrum with rippy mods and Kosis, gave me back his loot and charged a good price for the job!
Had this guy kill sirus for me really fast kill.
Will defo use this service again!

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