[3.9] Durimon's Arc Occultist, 7 ex for Insane DPS and Good Defense, Post-Enki Arc

I have a job and am not a professional Youtuber. I am currently too busy writing all in detail, so let's just put it side until I get enough time to say more about this build.

First of all, I would like to say thank you to Mr. Enki for great arc build he's provided and updated, although I've never played his.

In 3.9, it seemed impossible to make self-cast spell caster strong in relatively low budget. It's because monsters got way stronger than before.

So, I started with Winter Orb build with 7 ex budget, aiming to provide a new spell caster 'frame', so called 'Durimon Setting,' which can do all contents with insane dps and good defense.

This is the third version of Durimon Setting changing a little from the first winter orb version.

With a little change from Durimon Setting, you can make all spell caster work in low budget.

Budget: 7 ex


Sirus awl. 8 and awl 8, t16 maps:


POB : https://pastebin.com/Jn8yBaP3

Gear and Gem Setting


1. Void battery with more than 15% cast speed + shimeron with highest lightning dmg % and flat (very cheap)

2. militant faith with Dominus. Other mods, you just ignore.

3. It's a must to have one assassin's mark rare ring. look for one with res and stat you need.

4. make your es at least 7000 with discipline on. This is the minimum es I recommend.








Solaris (open all) - Abberath (open all)


1. You should level up with Ball Lightning Miner until you reach lvl.70 ~ 80 and switch to Durimon Setting Passive with ES at once.

2. Lvl guide is on my Durimon's Winter Orb Build thread. Check if needed.

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1 ex
Price and POB Uploaded.
thread of hope does not work

edit : oups need large ring, not very large
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Have you tried to kill A8 Sirius with that build? I always have been fan of Enki's Arc build and this version looks very interesting.
Is it still viable in Delirium/Simulacrum? Are there any defensive resources besides ES?
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Yeah I would be interested to see as well if there were any updates on for this build in 3.10
Hey guys,

I started this year with 3.10 with Enki`s Build. I spend about 20-30 ex to it for optimization but in the endgame I finally i searched the whole internet for a new build. The problem is that Enki`s build is quite expensive when you want some decent DPS (1m +) and also some good resistance/tankyness. This is build is a lot more difficult. You need to swap all your items because it is ES based, but when you done OMG there is so much damage potential. I'm not close to optimized and it feels soooo much better. Give it a try. Also from the playstyle. I know it is the same ARC spamming but different because the vaal gems.

I would be also very interested in a 3.10 version. You can play with the 3.9 but I think there is some good potential with a special 3.10 version.
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