[3.9] Rain of Arrows Build - Pathfinder Ranger - Metamorph - Path of Exile 3.9

This is the Dexterity Stacking Rain of Arrows Pathfinder build. It has good clear speed and some good defences such as high evasion almost %75 dodge (attack and spell) chance and also freeze + blind monsters all the time. If you wanna good single target damage you will need barrage setup.
You don't really have to play with RoA you can use Ice Shot or Scourge Arrow. It's entirely up to you.

Build Video: https://youtu.be/Ubp0Bgt-rEQ

PoB: https://pastebin.com/Qn7vMWM5

Help Alira for bandit

Gem Setup:

Vaal Rain of Arrows - Mirage Archer - Hypothermia - Concentrated Effect - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Inspiration

Vaal Haste - Increased Duration - Withering Step - Vaal Grace - Frost Bomb - Blood Rage

Vortex - Immortal Call - Enfeeble - Cast when Damage Taken

Precision - Summon Stone Golem - Flame Dash - Blood Magic

Herald of Ice - Enlighten - Hatred - Innervate

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