[3.9] (WIP) Gucci Bane - A SSF Unique-Only Bane/ED Occultist

Hello Exiles!

This is my first time making a build diary/guide.

I played this build during Slipperyjim8's Gucci Hobo private league and thought I might share some of my experiences with other people who are interested in playing this build!

This build guide is a work in progress so please check back often for updates!

Find me at twitch.tv/blvcksvn or whisper me @JasmineMonkaOmega if you have any questions.


Skill Tree & Character Choices

Skill Trees

Coming soon!

Ascendancy Class

We will be going Occultist.
* Normal Lab: Profane Bloom
* Cruel Lab: Void Beacon
* Merciless Lab: Withering Presence
* Uber Lab: Malediction (Life-based) or Vile Bastion (Low-Life)


Take Alira while levelling if you are playing SSF to have a boost to resistances and mana regen early on. We will be respeccing to Kill All later using a Book of Reform once we have capped our res and obtained our end-game gear. If you feel comfortable with your resistances, you may choose to kill all at the start.


Major: Lunaris or Solaris
Minor: Gruthkul



My Gear


Farmable Uniques
* Eber's Unification - Pale Council (1/4 chance)
* Breath of the Council - Plaguemaw V prophecy (Random drop from Eber)
* Crown of the Inward Eye - Sirus (Watchstones - any?)
* Ascent From Flesh - Thaumaturgical History IV (Guaranteed)
* Star of Wraeclast - Recipe: unique Ruby ring, any Onyx Amulet, corrupted regular L20 Lightning Warp

Div Cards
* Obliteration - from Div Cards from Delve
* Shavronne's Wrappings - The Offering from Tower/Scriptorium
* Atziri's Reflection - Beauty through Death from Vaal Temple Trio

* Conjurer Boots --> Rainbowstrides
* Embroided Gloves --> Vixen's Entrapment
* Occultist Vestments --> Shavronne's Wrappings
* Ezomyte Staff --> Cane of Unravelling

* Dream Fragments

Day 1

Day 3

I had a Shavs drop for me in a tier 3 Moon Temple. I will be converting over to Low Life but I'll put up a theoretical Life/Hybrid tree too.

Day 7



I can't cap my resists with my gear! What can I do?

There are a couple ways you might be able to boost your resists a bit.

* Holy Dominion - +12% All Res for 2 pts (and Light of Divinity for one extra pt)
* Fire/Frost/Lightning Walker - +15% to one Elemental Res for 1-2 pts

* Aurumvorax
* Geofri's Crest
* Daresso's Courage
* Atziri's Mirror
* Lori's Lantern
* Pyre
* Dream Fragments
* String of Servitude (All Res)

* Diamond Skin - Clear, Sepia, Teal - 3% MSPD, 24% Armour, +12% All Res
* Sanctuary - Amber, Teal, Teal - 3% Atk/Spell Block, +12% All Res
* Weathered Hunter - Sepia, Amber, Teal - +20 Dex, +10% All Res

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