[3.9] Tanky Sunder Gladiator

In Progress...

Pros and Cons
90% Physical Damage Reduction
75% Block Chance and 75% Spell Block Chance
6000+ Life
SSF Viable - Only 1 Important Unique (Rumi's Concotion)
HC Viable - Chaos Res Capped with Good Gear

Slow Melee Build
Low Damage Without Good Weapon

Path of Building

My Gear in SSF Metamorph:

Gem Setup
6L - Main Attack
Sunder > Multistrike > Fortify > Brutality > Rage > Melee Physical Damage

3L - Movement
Leap Slam > Blood Magic > Faster Attacks

3L - Utility
Blood Rage > Molten Shell > Enhance

4L - Aura
Pride > Flesh and Stone > Maim > Enlighten

4L - Utility
Immortal Call(3) > Vulnerability(5) > Tempest Shield(1) > Cast When Damage Taken(1)

4L - Utility | Banner | Aura
Ancestral Protector > Culling Strike > War Banner > Blood and Sand

Bandits, Ascendancy and Pantheon
Bandits: Kill All for 2 Passive Points

Ascendancy: Blood in the Eyes > Gratuitous Violence > Painforged > Versatile Combatant

Pantheon: Solaris or Lunaris and Tukohama

If you want to use Blood and Sand, Flesh and Stone, War Banner and Pride you need Enlighten Level 3 and the Non-Channeling Skills have -9 to Total Mana Cost Craft on at least 1 Ring or Amulet.

You need Mana Leech on something (Ring, Jewel, Gloves etc.).

Blight Anointment: Purity of Flesh (Clear Oil, Black Oil and Silver Oil).

Enlighten Level 3 requires 75 Int, so you need 61 Int on your Gear.

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