[3.9] IR LL Flaskfinder, 100K Armor, 82/82/83/0+ res, Random spell - Expl on CoCspri

Hello fellow exiles ! I'd like to introduce you to another way of building spell-oriented characters : Iron Reflexes Low-Life FlaskFinding. It's my first build ever posted in here. Please be gentle. :)

First and foremost, i'd like to thank Xeverous for all the input he provided while i was still searching how to make things work. I'd like to also have a thought for Nekhebet, your CI CoC Blocker build was a delight to play and a direct source of inspiration.


Albeit relatively cheap to start, min-maxing has no end. You can check on the Cospri version, sky is the limit.
While being REALLY flexible, it can't be considered beginner-friendly. As you rely on Molten Shell's active mitigation against spells, you require some game knowledge to make the difference between physical burst abilities, spell burst abilities, and composite ones.
For example, you can sleep on Minotaur while getting one-shot by Phoenix through regular Molten Shell.
You'll also have to finish your own puzzle.


100K+ armor
82/82/83/0+ resists
Vaal Molten Shell 10K/30K
Can fit about any spell, probably mines/totems/traps
COMBAT LOG §§§ Vaal Molten Shell can soak up to 30K damage, giving you a way to evaluate how much damage you're being dealt currently. That's invaluable.
VERY permissive towards misplays. Still not immortal, nobody is.
- PF Version:
Immune ailments
Bleed Removal on any flask
100% Flask Uptime
- Scion PF+??:
More skill points
More flexibility


Hard to reach more than 8K ES without investment. Then again, every point of ES is pretty damn hard to lose.
Relative weakness to degens or spell-burst (you still have a remove bleed, 82+ resists and an activable MS for 10/30K damage).
No Ele Reflect maps
-max resists maps can shred you, not advised.

Build Concept:

Extensive and comprehensive video guide.

This was created in order to try and deal with Metamorphs and Awakening 8 insane levels of physical burst. Max right-click taken in the game was a crit from a Metamorph on steroids for 4500 damage. That means a bit more than 10.000 raw physical damage from a regular attack.

This build revolves around two potions: a Stibnite Flask of Iron Skin(+100% evasion/blind/+80-100% ARMOUR), a Jade Flask of Reflexes(3000 eva/+80-100% evasion). This combined with Iron Reflexes, Grace & Determination puts you instantly at 100K+ armor. You then fit purities to get resists and max resists, protecting you against magic and freeing suffixes on gear to fit as much damage as possible or to sustain multiple Thread of Hope. Rumi or a semi-balanced Wise Oak can add to the flask combo.

We play Pathfinder or Scion PF+?? in order to get free flasks charges allowing up to 100% flask uptime, depending on the tree/gear.

Blank State PoB:

This PoB is just a general outline of what you could want to aim in the tree. You'll have to fit it to your personal needs, you can add some auras, remove some points, change ascendancy towards Scion. Let your imagination go wild ! Pathing can be optimised toward what you actually want.

Blank state PoB

My own take, as a CoCspri Scion PF/Assassin:

Bear in mind that Cospri is expensive, and meta, and expensive, and then i needed to fit my own ideas in order to make it a bit more expensive. My total build cost is probably around 200ex. I did start almost naked without Cospri, resulting in a 10-mins, Awakening 8 deathless Drox kill at level 72. Defenses will be somewhat easy to get, and you'll have to work to ramp up the damage.

My focus around building this character was:
1) Defenses
2) Quality of Life
3) More Defenses
4) More Quality of Life
5) Some damage whenever possible


This is an honest video showcasing both immunity to physical damage aswell as the relative weakness to spells or dots, sound is delayed beware :

General Bossing Video.

Sloppiest Shaper i could do, there is even a russian trying to buy a 21/23 War Banner lost somewhere in the instance, resulting in double HP for Shaper. Can't get better than this:

Outskilled Shaper

Semi-sloppy Sirus, i can soak more damage in phase 3, got worried for my exp, full super-die is tankable under MS/Flasks.



This PoB uses cheats for jewel corruptions, and Thread of Hope, and Pure Talent. We don't actually path to Iron Reflexes, tree ends at Charisma node on the right. Iron Reflexes comes from Precursor's Emblem. Pathing there is done to simulate points used by the 3 Thread of Hope while getting the bonus from Precursor's. Dex is removed on one of the fake Thread of Hope.
You can check PoE Ninja to see the actual tree.

PoB Link

Poe Ninja Link - Actual skill tree view

Thanks for reading !

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any alternative for shield? atziris reflection is too expensive
Which spell setup did you use before you got cospri's? I tried to get some damage with the blank state PoB you provided and was unable to get any realy damage :/

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