Discoball CoC Necro [3.9] [WIP]

I will present to you my CoC discharge Necromancer. Its a hybrid life+es build (im currently at 9k ehp). WIth some investment easy sustain of es/life andgood clear speed. Its more of a meme build so its not the best boss killer - but red maps all the way to T16 no problem

Core charge generation


Power Charge

This chest combined with Innver Conviction we get with using :

is the main reason we can run this build. Combined with
we got a good amount of Chance to get max Power Charges

Endurance Charge

Also charging offensive gives us a chance to gain endurance or power charge when hit while channeling

Since we are a necro and using Corpse Pact we want to consume as many corpses as possible to get our AS up and this way casting even more Discharge

We get this done buy using all 3 Offerings (Spirit, Flesh and Bone) and get the benefits from them using Mistress of Sacrifice

For this to work we need the new belt:

--> Offerings are a little weaker but still a buff

Now the main problem was to get enough cropses to consume and get more AS.
The solution: we play Scolds Bridle CWDT using Deodres Gloves to bump up our cyclone mana cost

This way we damage ourself every second and thisway proc all our CWDT setups to produce and consume Corpses and debuffing enemys.

You can either play it as a 2H (Staff or Sword) or one handed build.
I decided to go the one handed version since i get some easy +1 levels global, resi from shield and hits cant be evaded on dagger. Also this way i can use flame dash :D

THis is my set up so far

The watchers eye for mana reg and es gain on hit .. both rly nice and needed mods.

Just a quick intro i will add more infos, gem section and alternatives, videos and everything else u want to next few days :D

Have a nice day exile
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