[3.9] The Saviour of Ngamakanui (Juggernaught Tectonic Slam/Spectres/3 Frenzy/10-11 Endurance)

TODO: add more item links so people can see what i'm talking about in each section. waiting on build bank to unlock so i can take some of those items out.

Version history
First version of guide in 3.9 league

1500-2500 net life regen per second
1200 life steal per second
You are stronk
You can't die (usually)
DPS is pretty good and if you have the Saviour, dodging boss mechanics doesnt hurt your dps that much
If you copy my build you can roleplay "Me and the Boys" 24/7/365
It's probably HC viable. I learned alot from watching DukeOfSnuff's tec slam jugg videos and reading his guide. this build is a spiritual cousin to his.

Its not zoom zoom - 0 movespeed bonus
only 5-6k life depending on gear you pickup so if something can do that much (hello Baran followers - baran should worship them instead...) you will get one shotted
Maxing it out can be pricey. I made +2 endurance boots and still i havent seen any on market so they are probably gonna be a self made thing unless the market blows up for it. on std the only +2 boots are 400 ex each O_o
DPS is no where near godly, you will melt everything but its not one shot bosses and the price:dps ratio is really atrocious with this build

Q: But im getting one shotted sometimes?!??!
A: Two possibilities here
1. corpse explodiong spiders / etc - solution get a chest withi "enemies explode" affix on it.
2. degens - PAY ATTENTION to your degens, ground degens etc. also don't disregard playing flask piano, you have no excuse for dying to degens.

Q: my dps sucks im not zoom zoom
A: your playing a meme tank build

Pob Link - 3.9 League - Level 95 with my actual gear (will put imported version later)

Pob Link - 3.9 League - Level 95 with not as insane gear

(3.9) Xom-Character Link

(3.8) Taok-Character Link


3.9 - Catarina tier14 (lv81)

3.8 - T14 Defiled Cathedral + Blight

3.8 - Catarina tier14 (lv81)

How to play
1. Resummon Flame golem and Holy relic while your fighting just spam the buttons till they reaappear. dont stop tec slamming.
2. always spam enduring cry and bood rage during combat and use Vaal detonate dead as well if you have it
3. hit your potions when they run low/out. if you see your hp move, hit the forbidden taste flask (rarely happens)
4. your movement is leap slam. do not walk anywhere, you are too slow
5. if you are using warchiefs - drop them down at the start of every fight
6. if your using sacrifice annoint instead of soul raker then you will need to spam your enduring mana flasks.
7. if your spectres actually die to something (sometimes abaxxoth kills them). GTFO asap (for HC) and dont re enter the map its too hard or just be super careful and tec slam from distance.
8. Resummoning spectres..keep a desecrate gem in inventory and swap it in when you need to do this - it should only happen when messing with gear/stats
9. prepping end charges for bosses? get yourself a belt of gluttony and eqip it and leap slam until you have max end charges then swap back and enjoy easy boss fight start
10. not feeling tanky enough? just use two nebulochs for fights / areas where you aren't confident such as deep delving or crazy bosses
11. worried about freezing? just have an anti freeze item in your pack. i use a brinecrown with the same gems and links as my hat. best is to do your CWDT here so duplicating everything is cheap

Very very important skillbar configuration notes

From left to right on the normal skill bar
Top: Walk - Leap Slam - Tectonic Slam
Bottom: Blood Rage - Holy Relic - Enduring Cry - Flame Golem - Vaal Molten Shell

From left to right on the CTRL(or alternate) control bar (not weapon swap)
Top: Walk - Leap Slam - Tectonic Slam
Bottom: Anger - Blood and Sand - Precision - Herald of Ash - Raise Spectre

for both of these - you can put the Ancestral warchief in the "walk" location if you want to use it just hold shift for a moment and gg

also you should configure your attack to "always attack without moving" if you want to fully take advantage of the tukohama life regen

A new thing I've been doing is putting Vaal detonate dead in place of culling strike and using the skill in the walk shortcut position so I just hit shift and click once to clear all corpses . It's a thing to consider as corpse exploding enemies exist and can be a problem for stationary fights like delving

If you have juicy currency and can get a frenzy chest armour, you can replace the CWDT curse with vaal detonate dead which will help clear corpses automatically and give you option to clear a ton at once when VDD is up

finally just swap out blood rage with a desecrate gem you keep in inventory when you need more spectres


First things first.
you need to disable all the regular degens that can kill you. i use the following setup but sometimes will swap out the diamond flask with a jade flask for more evasion when i dont need dps and want to be tankier.

Some swaps for flasks

Gear analysis / suggestions
1. You need minion life regen - two good options:
a. Annoint "Sacrifice" on your amulet (super cheap oils) this gives 1% regen to you and minions in whichi case you can use a hat like this

b. Get a secutor Hat which gives you 2% minion life regen

2. You need 100% physical to fire conversion.
a. xophs amulet will cover 50%
b. the other 50% will come from tec slam itself
c. If you dont want to use a xophs you can get 25% on gloves and 40% on watchers eye and 50% from avatar of fire on the skill tree

3. you want + endurance charges whereever possible reasonable max end is 10 but you can get up to 12
a. (+2) rings +1 from two Kaoms rings, or a very expensive precursor emblem with +1 endurance

b. (+1 or +2) Warlords boot with +1 and +1 corrupt. getting +1 is more viable... it took me two full tabs to make a +2 boot

c. (+1) on standard league you can get a belt with +1 end corrupt

4. body armour
a. 100+ flat life
b. 8% crafted life
c. -15 total mana cost
d. I went for a hybrid armour because it was cheap and with my endgame setup i have 10% evasion so thats 10% of hits that simply dont connect with me which is nice. means i am even tankier than just stacking tons of armour

you can also go with corpse exploding later when you have the currency and for safety post 95+

5. you need life leech and mana leech - up to you how you get them. i annointed soul raker. you can survive without mana leech but life leech is nice QoL free 1000-1200 extra regen basically. if you dont have mana leech then get an enduring mana potion

6. other slots - up to you, try to get resists up as much as you can. youll need only 15 actual chaos resist from gear if you are using two nebulochs and have 10 endurance charges

7. watchers eye and timeless jewels - these are up to you. i went with precision damage and anger fire damage watchers eye and a brutal restraint to fix my cold resistance and dexterity.

Skill gem analysis / suggestions
4Link 1.
CWDT - Vaal Molten Shell - Wave of Conviction - Poacher's Mark
CWDT - right click to keep it at level 1 and check other skills to not go over lv38 req
VMS - allows you to have VMS hotkeyed while MS is CWDT triggered
Wave of Convic - fire resist debuff
Poacher's mark ensures you almost always have 3 frenzy charges during clearing
Alternative to poacher's mark is Temporal Chains - i used that when i was still getting my build together as it makes things so much comfier and will affect+slowdown off-screen ranged spell and projectile attackers.

4Link 2.
Raise Spectre - Feeding Frenzy - Combustion - Culling Strike
Spectres -
The meta spectre for this build is "Stoneskin Flayers" they have 800% life
League starting spectre is any of the taller statues in many maps - they have 575% life and pretty decent until stoneskin flayers.
Even more glowy brain startup protip: the statues in merveil lair have 1200% life and are actually short girl statues ;) try them with stygian spectre skin
Spectres (once level 18+ gem) stay alive from either sacrifice annoint or secutor hat (your choice)
Feeding Frenzy - your spectres will bumrush everything and take all the initial big slams etc.
Combustion - more fire debuffs on your target
Culling strike - at 10% life you have won the fight

4Link 3.
Precision - keep it at level 1
Blood and Sand - your choice - read the buff description

3Link 1 - Nebuloch1
Blood Rage
Enduring Cry
Leap Slam

3Link 2 - Nebuloch2 OR The Saviour (of Ngamakanui)
Summon Flame Golem - Increased Duration - Summon Holy Relic
Duration support can get the boys to last almost 20 seconds with 20/20 gem. Swap out increased duration with Vaal Ancestral Warchief if you don't have the Saviour sword
Flame golem is a flat damage boost, but you can also go for lightning golem so you can leap slam around faster
Holy Relic is free healing for minions and you no reason not to have it

Pantheon - Lab Reflect - Saviour Reflect
Major: Solaris
Minor: Tukohamana / Shakari depending on if you have poison immunity corrupt on a ring or not. You are stationary alot so tukohama regen is nice on bosses

Also you should configure your attack to "always attack without moving" if you want to fully take advantage of the tukohama life regen

Commandment of Reflection on gloves
Pure meme useless clone that runs off and dies - but it does take hits and its pretty much up 50% of hte time (5 second duration 10 second refresh)

Level 20 Reflection
The Bois - these guys effectively double your dps when they appear - not only that but their oppportunity cost is much lower than other skills that raise your dps beacuse of this one reason:
***they will chase after stuff and kill on their own***
think about it - yes - on bosses where you are dodging alot, as a tec slammer means its hard to press the advantage, but the bois will always be attacking and can't be killed

Leveling / League Starting / Budget discussion
Actually viable i have done this a few times now
Main Skill
Level 1 -> Heavy Strike
Level 11 -> Infernal Blow
Level 28 -> Tectonic Slam

Go for % life regen and % and # life, and any fire or phys damage you can get.
grab a secutor hat early on
grab two brutus sprinklers early on as well they will scale nicely until you can afford a nebuloch later on

Uniques to start with:
necklace - Shaper seed - life regen!
gloves - meginord vise - life regen!
body armour - ambu charge - life regen!
weapon1/2 - Brutus's Lead Sprinkler seriously this weapon is OP and cheap
belt - wurms molt until you get 100% phys to fire then get a belt of perseverance until endgame rare

Budget considerations:
1. go for two nebulochs as your endgame setup instead of trying to get a saviour
2. if you can't afford a fortify corrupt nebuloch, just get a belt of perseverance for free onslaught and fortify until you can

these are pretty cheap though atm (3.9 league) so you can get them pretty easy. corrupted ones should only be a few chaos each !

Have you seen the sun exile? THE TRUE SUN?
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Have you seen the sun exile? THE TRUE SUN?
Nice build, definitely will be dumping my currency to try this out! Maybe a budget option for the Saviour though?
Brutenaut wrote:
Nice build, definitely will be dumping my currency to try this out! Maybe a budget option for the Saviour though?

will add a budget section right now
Have you seen the sun exile? THE TRUE SUN?

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