[3.9] Weapon swap sustained CWDT lvl20 per 0.25s on a budget

The build sustains the self damages needed to proc CWDT lvl20 per 0.25sec and recovers more.
I can't play it efficiently because my net is bad or the servers are hurt by the build.

Anyway here's how it works real quick :

Main hand weapons auto spawn 3 minions each, so we have 6.
Weapon swap kills them, and Heartbound Loop self damage for 350 each.
6 minion x 2 loops x 350 damages = 4200 self damage.

Maligaro's Lens with Necromantic Aegis recovers your HP by 2% of each minion's life which dies "nearby". They are inevitably nearby because they spawn on the player.

So we just need their life pool to be over 17500 to achieve sustainability, and as of 3.9 it's not that hard.

Detailed explanation :

Craft 2 wands with Essence of Insanity.

I think Warlord influence is better because you can roll good dps affixes, but it's up to you.
Socket a Minion Life Support in each wand to support the Spectral Spirits.
If possible, keep an open prefix to craft minion life.

From here, we need other sources of minion life :

- Necromancer ascendancy provides 20% more and a lot of increases.

- Strength stack with The Baron.

- Increased minion life nodes in the passive tree.

- Jewels.

Then link in order CWDT > Desecrate > Spirit Offering.

With 800 strength and this setup we recover more life than we spend, triggering all CWDT lvl20 or 21 that we want.

Another big health recovery boost would be using Aukuna's Will https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Aukuna%27s_Will
to spawn buffed zombies without using corpses and delete them with Spirit Offering or Detonate Dead, but if you lag they might end up off range for Maligaro's Lens.

Total budget below 2 exalts.

Don't forget to trigger different spells because the same ones would share a global trigger cooldown.

I suggest you don't use more than 5 skill gems because it kind of breaks the game.

Here is all I can do with my cheap laptop :
Lags too much when I hit mobs.

Edit - Links added
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Awesome build idea! I was wondering if you have a POB link?


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