[3.9] Trickster Scorching Ray Hybrid - Be The Shaper!


Build cost: Not expansive build, requer only Crown of The Inward Eye (Sirus Helmet), The Searing Touch 6-link (or body armour 6-link) and Glorious Vanity-Doryani, rest of my gear are rares items with good HP/ES and Resistance.

Build tips:
more damage: Skin of the Loyal
more HP/ES: Vaal Regalia with great ES/HP
Jewels with Damage+ES+HP
Empyt jewel slot in POB = Glorious Vanity-Doryani

Optional and expansive:
Watcher's Eye (Clarity or Malevolence) - i don't use
Skin of the Loyal with damage implicit
Vaal Regalia with 600+ES and 100+HP
Awakened Gems

Don't worry about my POB because Glorious Vanity-Doryani replace Chaos Inoculation in game :)
POB: https://pastebin.com/NfEQnXpF
Last bumped on Jan 23, 2020, 1:44:52 AM

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