coloring sockets

I have a 6-linked Assassins Garb where I want to have 4 red sockets on.

I found some vorici calculator online, which tells me it should only take around 42 chrome tries to get that done ... well, I am way past that and haven seen even a 3 red / 3 green combo (avg 12 tries).

Anybody knows the real probabilties or has a link to a working calculator?
Or maybe I am doing something wrong here.

It also mentions some 2 and 3 color recipes. However the crafting bench in game does not say anything about that (in the undiscovered recipe section). Are those still in the game (3.9)?
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Might have hit the wrong section of the forum.

Created the same question in the `Gameplay Help and Discussion` section.

Seems there is no option to remove my own threads, so feel free to delete this one if that really is the wrong section.
Nobody knows the actual odds for this. They are only estimating an average. It's RNG, so it might take 1 chrome, or it might take thousands. 42 chromes sounds too low even for an average.

It will be VERY hard to get four reds on an Assassins Garb because that's four off-color sockets.

It's always easier to color the "native" color of an item. So green for that Assassins Garb is the easiest. Red for armor gear, and blue for ES gear. Low level gear is easier to color than high level gear. The higher the attribute requirement for the gear, the harder it is to off-color. The Assassins Garb has a 183 dex requirement, so it will be VERY hard to off-color.

You are way better off just buying what you want than trying to get four reds on that gear. The only exception would be if you had great mods on it that are exactly what you want. But if you color it yourself, be prepared to spend huge numbers of chromes to do it. I don't know the number, but it's not 42.

If it was low level gear it would be easier, but with something higher level like that it's not going to be easy.

And yea, this question is in the wrong place. The mods might move it.
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